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How To Save Your Twitter Content In Your Hard Drive

Updated on October 13, 2012
The Archivist is asking for Twitter access.
The Archivist is asking for Twitter access.

Twitter offers particular limitations when performing a content search; you can check tweets from the past only back to a maximum number of days or tweets, so your search is possibly not going to show up enough results. These limitations will be even stricter as the amount of tweets per day increase due to increasing interest for Twitter accounts.

The Archivist appeared to solve this problem. It can be used with two ways; in online mode or through Windows client. If you want to try the online version, you need to visit the link and click Sign Into Twitter, then choose Allow, thus giving access to your account.

You are now brought to the main window. Here you can search for the terms on which you wish to find content and then press on Start Analytics. The service will begin a tweets search based on the search term you have given. A detailed report with the search results will be shown when the process is completed and you can opt to save them on an Excel file or on compressed zip form.
Note here that there are no limitations on what you are searching for; you can even make searches for the tiniest details or smallest word and the application will provide all tweets including it.

Results report from The Archivist search.
Results report from The Archivist search.

The Archivist's report includes various statistically interesting information, such as showing which is the rate of tweets per day, how many tweets were found and when was the last, a pie chart which shows user participation, sites referred to, etc and tweets sources. The relative information comes with well-designed graphs, which can be clicked to provide even more detailed data which will help you categorize and organize the results based on your personal needs. You can save the search results by clicking Save This Archive. You can view details on your personal profile, too by clicking on My Profile.

The windows client can be found here and works in a similar way - you can perform searches, get results, graphs and diagrams. The archives made can be saved in Excel form or as xml file.


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