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Dial 143 Globe Telecoms

Updated on April 2, 2013

143 Globe Telecoms! It is not a pun or a fancy way of saying I love you globe. Instead it is a special feature exclusive to all Globe and TM prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Globe 143 is a convenient and easy to use feature that yours truly is most thankful for – along with other million subscribers.

What is Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications?

For the information of non Filipino readers, the Philippines only have two giant mobile phone network operators – Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications. In fact, unlike other countries where there are a couple of phone termination operators to choose from (ATT, Verizon, etc…) Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications are the only two mobile operators in the Philippines. There used to be a third one (Sun Cellular) but it has merged with Smart Communications sometime in 2012. Additionally, TM (Touch Mobile) is an extended branch, brand of Globe Telecoms.

Another good thing about the mobile industry in the Philippines is that Globe, TM, and Smart SIMs will work on any open line or "unlock" mobile phones. Featured on the right side below are excellent mobile phones that can be used and are also available on the Philippines. However, before buying one, it is important to know the Problems Limitations and Disadvantages of Touchscreen Mobile Cellphones

Also listed below are important and useful links regarding mobile phones.

What is the 143 feature of Globe (*143#) ?

This particular feature is actually an easy way to access all the promos offered by Globe Telecoms. Obviously, since there are only two main mobile operators here in the Philippines, competition between the two is quite strict. If one offered very cheap call and SMS rates, the other will match the particular promo. Depending on the marketing strategies, both Globe and Smart have numerous call, SMS, and data browsing promos.

Unfortunately, since there are numerous promos, both prepaid and postpaid subscribers would have a hard time subscribing to any Globe and Smart promo because remembering the keywords to use and which number to send the keyword to is quite confusing. Because of this, a subscriber who frequently uses a particular offer, wouldn’t mind or give an effort knowing the other ones because he / she is already contented with the one that they use. Two common problems with this scenario are the following:

  • The promo is no longer offered
  • It is possible that there is another promo that is more suited based on his / her mobile phone usage

Luckily, Globe has come up with this innovative idea to provide any of its subscribers a convenient way to access all of their offered promos.

Why use Globe 143?

The advantages and benefits of Globe 143 are not that hard to understand. The two main reasons on why use this feature is simplicity and real time access. Any Globe or TM subscriber (both prepaid and postpaid) can access the Globe 143 by simply dialing *143# from their mobile handset.

After dialing *143# the screen will show all the Globe and TM promos available to the subscriber. All the sub has to do is choose from the listed options.

That’s just about it. I myself am Globe and Smart prepaid subscriber and have been using the former mostly for data and DUO services. But because of this nifty feature, can easily look and subscribe to inter-network SMS and Voice promos.


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    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 4 years ago

      Hi beverlyn,

      Thanks for the visit. Fyi please that this menu is only globe and toich mobile sim cards. However, if you do have the said network carriers, i just tried it and it is working.

      Hope this helps.


    • profile image

      beverlyn 4 years ago

      why can't i access the *143# menu, whenever i try dialing *143#, my phone prompts "session terminated.." what does that mean