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Facebook Spanish - No Spanish Courses or Spanish Lessons Needed

Updated on September 10, 2011

Facebook Spanish - No Spanish Courses or Spanish Lessons Needed

Facebook Spanish or Facebook en espanol is growing ever more popular in places like Venezuela, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.

Everyday the Spanish community can now find friends and family with Facebook search in their own Spanish language without the use of special translation software.

Thanks to an application developed by Facebook users can now set their language preference and also send invites in the language of their choice.

What does this mean for English speaking users?

Well this is fantastic! What this means is that without taking Spanish courses users can now communicate with any of the other Facebook users who only speak Spanish and may only know some English. Also maybe your skills in Spanish school may need some brushing up and what better way to improve in a language that is becoming so popular around the world than to interact with real friends and share your social networking fun.

Facebook Venezuela

Thats right you can have fun chatting with Spanish Facebook users from countries like Venezuela and extend to a world full of fabulous friends. All of which can understand you as well as you understand them because of the new application that allows the translation of languages.

Communication among other countries is growing faster and faster. The international language of English is no longer a barrier into growing a large community of online friends and of social contacts.

Meeting great friends is always a terrific experience and it so fun finding out what other hot trend, music or games are happening around the world. You can leave a note on the wall of a friend in Bolivia who lives in another time zone but yet you both share and live similar lifestyles. Share what you are listening to on your new iPhone or iPad with friends in Columbia. Introduce your friends to new friends from around the world the possibilities are unlimited.

Study Abroad With Books In Spanish

What if you were looking for some unique material for a Spanish course? You could actually chat with a friend from another country and share some absolutely great current photos from famous statute they may have taken for you in a town where they live where history of attractions may be only minutes from their house.

Maybe they have access to some material or brochures that would be an excellent addition to a final Spanish class report or visa versa maybe you can share something of unique value that could help them in English essay.

Suppose you were planning to study abroad. You could find some friends in the area you are planning on taking your studies. Review some of the culture and find out some of the best travel ideas, restaurants, shopping details, and where all the people in your age group plan or spend their party weekends. The amount information you could share with some new Spanish speaking fiends expands the level of intelligence that both you and the friend who is very interested in the English speaking communities around the world too.


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, I have spotted the link in facebook but didn't know what it was! thanks for the info, what a great idea! cheers nell