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Best Gadgets For Fun!

Updated on November 30, 2013

This Gadget is HOT! Consumers Love It Because It Makes Them Giggle!

This Hot Gadget Is A Nohohon and is manufactured by TOMY! VERY Cool...
This Hot Gadget Is A Nohohon and is manufactured by TOMY! VERY Cool...

Gadgets That Will Make You Giggle - Guaranteed!

We designate a gadget to be that which is relatively small, practical, easy to use and at times amusing. To be considered a "gadget" - as the bar has been raised now, a hallmark feature of a gadget is... that it must be highly innovative and delight its user on immediate interaction!

Else.. it is a fast failure.

Therefore, a sucessful gadget is HOT!

Gadgets today - are most always that which is classified in the technology field - as that which has an electronic mechanism as its heart. In that vein then, gadgets are rapidly changing and ever becoming more functional, but not necessarily practical... thus leading the consumer toward that which is more and more amusing to gain our attention.

An amusing gadget can also be HOT!

Hot Gadgets Get Kuddos from Consumers!

The HOTTEST gadgets that become the most popular to consumers - are gadgets that have a strong user appreciation.

A gadget that presents with function, practicality - is innovative and and amusing, will be a strong contender for a hit amongst consumers.

Such is the on-going love affair with the Apple iphone. The iphone is the epitome of what a gadget is - not what a gadget should be...

If it were possible, there is not an individual on the planet that would not get one.

Now that is HOT!

Please... don't argue with me on this one as you know I am right!

Time Magazine Awards Apple iPhone Invention of Year 2007 - A HOT Gadget!

HOT Gadgets Are Rewarded In The Field Of Technology!

Time Magazine awarded the Apple iphone as the best "invention" of 2007.

As you can imagine, this was quite debated - as the telephone phone, as a gadget -- is not a new invention.

A computer alone, is not a new invention, nor is even the ability of "touch" a new invention of 2007.

What staggers all users of the iphone and techie lovers at large; is the stunning ability for the iphone to accomplish maximum capability in each of these areas in the very palm of the users hand.

Which compels all users of such a HOT GADGET.... to GIGGLE upon usage!

In other words.... this silly little handheld gadget truly delights its users, even unto them "worshipping" their iphone. Tis true... this is a fact and not a personal opinion. I have documented evidence of this actual phenomenon and witnesses to boot!

What is a Gadget? Why Are They HOT?

This is what has always been one of the main qualifications of what we consider a gadget. Gadgets makes us happy - because they relieve us in some simple way.

Did you realize this?

Some gadgets are practical, like a toothpick and others are just amusing... like a child's wind-up. You see, laughter is known to be medicinal.

One of the very important elements of what makes a "thing" a gadget - is based on its very simple ability to be useful in a simple manner - even unto the being called by "some" a no-brainer.

Of course, this is not true.

Serious research and analysis go into the ultimate gadgets that we fall in love with today.... even obsess over and perhaps find ourselves addicted to.

Why We Love Our Gadgets... lest We Forget!

We must recognize and appreciate this very important facet of what a gadget is and should be, and why it is so functional to us as consumers.

Thus, we purchase loads of useful and or functional gadgets... as well as we are guilty of calling toys - gadgets and buying more gadgets.

We do not need to stop playing with toys as adults any longer. We buy gadgets for ourselves and our friends - that make us giggle. Tomy is one of my favorite manufacturers of gadgets that make me giggle:-)

These funky desktop gadgets are very popular for giving and receiving. Sure to put a smile on your face for sure.

We are living a very ungrateful existence today. Today, our gadgets are everywhere and we often forget just how menial and humorlessour lives would be without them.

But, what is sitting on your desktop - in your little cubicle at this very moment?

Oh, I do hope that you are enjoying a hot gadget that makes you stop and think of someone that gave it to you... for a brief smile - a simple pleasure of life.

Perhaps you knew that you needed to stop and giggle amidst the everyday tasks that you engage in - and so you have spoiled yourself!

Here-here - today I say - hooray for gadgets that can actually make us giggle!

Write On!

Knockman! Fun Gadgets That Make You Say... What? LOL

What is sitting on your desktop?

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    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      hardwaremarket -


      Write On!

    • hardwaremarket profile image

      hardwaremarket 9 years ago from India

      gr8 hub

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      Robert -

      Was I that convincing? Hooray! Maybe a desktop buddie for you today?

      But don't go casting off that Treo as yet... it is a good gadget still - I am sure. But, does it delight you upon each use? Even smile still?

      The relationship that consumers seem to be having with their practical gadgets today... must also provide them with enjoyment and even amusement.

      Do you play games on your phone? A must today! You see... gadgets must now entertain, amuse, be practical, etc..

      A Hot gadget must be hot!


      Write On!

    • profile image

      Robert Skaggs 9 years ago

      I have a Treo cell phone. Maybe when my service agreement has expired I will purchase a "silly" iPhone. I knew I was missing something in my life. Thanks for your Hub.