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Geotag Events with GPS Data Logger

Updated on January 28, 2011

Geotag Events with GPS Data Logger


There are as many reasons to use GPS technology as there are GPS gadgets. Some are designed to give access to future events and some are designed to give access to past events. We commonly think of GPS as a gadget that we can plan trips or jaunts across town. We expect to find POI (Points of Interest), we expect to hear a voice tell us where to turn and we expect all of this in a pretty package. There are other uses for GPS technology which some will like and others will hate.

I am speaking of GPS technology that tracks past events. I am speaking of GPS technology that can be used to track someone without their knowledge. I am speaking of GPS technology that can be accessed over the internet anytime or anywhere.

Professional GPS Mini Tracker
Professional GPS Mini Tracker


Before you get the wrong impression - I want to add that there are great benefits of GPS tracking technology as well. If you are driving a car with a GPS tracking unit installed you may receive help faster incase of an emergency. If you drive as part of your job it is easy to prove mileage. If you are an employer you can track your fleet to be sure vehicle use is on the up and up. If you are a parent your kids know that they must follow the rules when driving to insure their driving privileges continue.


Professional GPS Mini Tracker is a unique design. It is simply a magnetized-weatherproof-USB device that tracks and records where a car has driven, how far a car was driven and how fast the car got there. Data is traced each second.

The average battery life (2 AAA) is about 2 weeks and if the battery runs down you do not loose the recorded data. Data can be collected anywhere in the world and the software contains maps for many countries around the world.

The Mini Tracker is easy to install. Simply attach it to any part of the car that accepts a magnet. The magnet is very strong and is very unlikely to fall off - if you are worried you can hide it in a pouch or in the glove box.

There are no monthly fees and the data can be retrieved as an activity report.

Trackstick Contest


TrackStick 2 GPS Tracking System Data Logger is a small weatherproof GPS device and can be placed in a vehicle or can be carried in your pocket or bag. The TrackStick 2 records ongoing data (1 second increments) including date, time, location, speed, altitude, direction and signal strength from anywhere in the world. This unit does need to have line of sight to the sky. If preferred, the recording increments can be changed all the way up to 15 minutes.

Exact recorded data including any stops and routes taken can be viewed in 3D on Google Earth.

The TrackStick 2 has an on/off switch and the battery life (2 AAA) batteries usually run for approximately a week. Recorded data will not be lost if batteries run down.


The iBlue 757 Pro Solar BT Data Logger GPS Receiver can log up to 50,000 waypoints - which means the number of points that can be pinpointed on Google Earth for example.

One unique feature that stands out is that the iBlue 757 is Solar powered as well as battery powered (Li-Ion). This unit has an automatic on/off feature and connection can be accomplished either by Bluetooth or USB.


i-Blue 757 Pro Solar BT Data Logger GPS Receiver
i-Blue 757 Pro Solar BT Data Logger GPS Receiver

These are just a few of the GPS data trackers that are available. The prices are quite reasonable and there is a wide range of features.

You may be interested in my hub GeoTag Digital Photos with GPS Accuracy as well. Geo Tracking for digital cameras is way to (picture) map a journey on a 3D map such as Google Maps and Google Earth.


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    • MrMarmalade profile image


      10 years ago from Sydney

      This is one handy piece of scientific equipment. We were in a car the other day and being directed by GPS. I liked the idea.

      Decided to buy one. Your information is right on the dime.

      Thank you.


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