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Google's Anti-Privacy Policy

Updated on September 20, 2015

Big Brother IS Watching

I entered a term into a Google
Search Box.

After that, every other
advertisement was for
something related to that

It was so obvious there was no way not to know that I was being spied on.

Google Admits that it saves every single search you do and sells the list to advertisers so that they know what to put on any page you happen to visit.

As Google knows where you live it sets its ads to your local banks and restaurants.

Yes, your mail

Seems a coincidence that you talk about your cousin's wedding in an email to your sister and the ads are about weddings?


There is a 'G-Mail' man.

He's not human, maybe he looks like a Panda or Penguin, or something else, but trust me, he IS there.

Yes dear, they read your Gmail. Even the nasty bits you wrote about your boss. And they look for sales. They read and try to match you with products you mention.


Every so often persons who are stupid enough to join Google+ get an email;

"Here are some people who you might know on Google+."

How do they know I should know these people?

I've emailed them?
I've been on the same site as they?
They live near me?

And many of the 'guesses' don't seem accidental.

It isn't Paranoia, it IS BIG BROTHER....W A T C H I N G.

This is Not Paranoia

Google has admitted that it saves searches, scans email for keywords,AND SELLS the list, to their advertisers, (and others). Google does perform all the other sins one can commit against privacy.

What do you do?

1) Email

Join an Email provider which is somewhat under the radar. There are a few. Do not use the name brands. Disguise your name slightly, or use an unattached nickname; one you use nowhere else.

2) Don't Use Google for Searches

Bing and Yahoo are not much better. What you want is a search engine something like, which keeps absolutely no record of anything.

The reason you have to be very careful with Google is that you don't want Home Land Security to kick down your door because you are doing a paper for your Social Studies Class on Terrorist Attacks.

3) Use No Product Whatsoever that is Connected to Google.

Every site you Browse using Chrome is saved, monitored, and utilised.
Do Not use Chrome save to go to your Gmail account or do a Google search.
This limits Google's invasive power.

4) If you really want privacy, Download Tor

There is a 'Dark Net' and to access it you need a browser like Tor which is 'untraceable' and leaves no records.

This is a partial list of some Google products; Among them are Blogger; Android, Dartr, Jaiku, Picassa, YouTube, which do not have the Google prefix. Every single item is connected. There is no way you can write a private blog using Blogger.

His name is GOOGLE.


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