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How To Download Torrents From Your Mobile Android Phone Or Tablet: ATorrent App

Updated on September 25, 2012
ATorrent is an Android torrent downloader.
ATorrent is an Android torrent downloader.

Like most computer users, probably you are a fan of torrent downloading too. This relatively new way of downloading data over the internet has gained popularity because it allows hassle free and fast downloads of large files, without risking losing the downloaded file if a net disconnection has occurred.

Many sites with torrents exist nowadays and the increased number of users handling torrent files means more peers on all kinds of files.

Now that smartphones come with large capacity space due to larger SD cards getting produced, torrent downloading can migrate to your Android phone.

Downloads bars in aTorrent.
Downloads bars in aTorrent.

aTorrent is an application which can be found at Google Play and downloaded at no cost. It is a torrent downloader application which manages and handles downloads of files in torrents. There is also a PRO version, which does not include advertisements, but is bought.

In order to obtain aTorrent, you need to login Google Play from your device and download it. When installed, the application will give you a search function through which you can search for torrents online. You can add torrent files which you found on your own, for example by visiting torrents search engines, such as

Of course, a fast internet connection is needed especially if you are downloading large files. You will be prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network and the downloads will begin. If a disconnection occurs, the downloaded files will not get lost but will go on downloading when connection is established again. You must take note however that smartphones have limited processing abilities and generally the downloads will not be as fast as they are in your computer system. However, smartphone torrent downloading can add a versatile way of downloading, because the phone can be in your pocket.
The downloads are shown with progress bars which include options to pause or stop them. The general graphical interface of the app is simplistic, and provides an easy way to monitor downloads and add new ones.

You might want to adjust settings to your tastes; however, it is advised that you disable the auto-start feature, because it will keep aTorrent always active.


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