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How To Use AndroidLost App To Locate Your Lost Or Stolen Smartphone

Updated on May 11, 2013

With traditional old cellphones, there was little to do when someone had stolen your device; and if it was misplaced, all we could do was try to call it to hear the sound while hoping that it is not on silent mode, or keep searching for it.

Smartphones have increased connectivity with Wi-Fi, 3G networking and data plans, and of course GPS. That being said, Android smartphones in particular have more options when it comes to finding a misplaced or stolen device. In this guide we will show how it can be done by using an app called Android Lost.

Android Lost app installed in smartphone.
Android Lost app installed in smartphone.

Install Android Lost on your portable device through Google Play, from the link shown before. The application does not include an interface in the phone itself; it will just ask you to register your phone at Google and access the website at

Connect to this website, while logged in the same Google account which you have used in your smartphone. Through this simple website you can obtain remote control options which can aid you in finding a misplaced phone. For example, you can "instruct" the smartphone to vibrate for a set amount of time. If this doesn't work, you can set an alarm to ring, bypassing silent mode.
If the phone has been stolen, you can use multiple interesting tools remotely. You can access SMS (read sent and received messages), send SMS to the phone from website, order the phone to wipe the SD card, thus clearing any crucial data that you would not want the thief to see. Additionally, through GPS you can find the exact location of the phone and have it sent to your e-mail address. Further features which can prove handy for you and a headache for the unsuspecting thief is the ability to activate the phone camera and take pictures with front or rear camera.

Among all these options, it is possible that you will find something which might prove useful for you in the future. After all, it is better if you are prepared for worst beforehand, especially since all it takes is the installation of a tiny app.


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      Boris 3 years ago

      "These are some nice apps but in addition to that ""Whistle Phone Finder"" is a great app that helps in finding a phone in a fun way with a whistle. It is important to note that it also respond well in silent mode. You may get this app on Google Play.

      Ref :