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How to Remove Google Chrome Extensions

Updated on February 8, 2010

Remove Chrome Extensions

It's easy to remove Google Chrome Extensions with this simple how to remove google chrome addons guide.
It's easy to remove Google Chrome Extensions with this simple how to remove google chrome addons guide.

Some Quick Information on Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome extensions are a fantastic simple way to increase the utility of the Google Chrome browser. These Google Chrome addons may do anything from notify you of new emails, to translate a webpage in to your native language.

Despite this improved Chrome functionality, sometimes you no longer want them installed. The Google Chrome extensions may have cluttered your address bar, or increased Google Chrome loading times.

Fortunately we can show you how to remove Google Chrome Extensions in this quick and simple guide!

How to Remove Google Chrome Extension

It is quick and easy to remove Chrome Extensions from your Chrome browser.

1) Open up Google Chrome.

2) In the address bar type chrome://extensions.

3) Click Uninstall, or Click Disable if you think you may use the addon in the future.

4) Restart your browser.

And there you have it, how to remove Chrome Extensions!

You can also manage your chrome extensions settings through the same page, easily allowing you to keep your Chrome browser working perfectly!

I Want My Chrome Extensions Back

While it is easy to remove Chrome extensions, sometimes you might feel like you made a mistake after you have uninstalled your Chrome extensions.

Foruntaly it is easy to reinstall your Google Chrome Extensions, indeed once you get to the Google Chrome Extensions page, installing a new Chrome extension only requires a single click!


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    • profile image

      Shantanu 5 years ago

      Wow!!! It worked for me!!!! :-)

      Thank Bro!

    • profile image

      Paige 6 years ago


    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Whats the language extension called?!

      As far as I am aware all the extensions should appear in this list!

    • profile image

      paul 7 years ago

      Sorry dude, but it doesnt work for that irritating language extension.When you type chrome://extensions, it just doesnt show up!

      Try some other trick cuz this one doesnt work, therefore is useless!