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How to Shutdown Windows Quickly?

Updated on July 10, 2011

If you installed many programs in Windows XP, it takes much time to start. Again, if you want to shutdown Windows XP, it also takes much time. Sometimes, several messages also shown. The End Program is the most boring thing. You may notice the message like do you want to save your work or the current session............or The program is still running, are you sure want to quit... etc. But there is an alternate process to shutdown your computer very quickly. This page will tell you the techniques to shutdown your Windows quickly. This process works all of the windows operating system.

Steps to shutdown Windows quickly

The following method is applicable to any Windows operating system like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 server, Windows XP etc. Follow the following steps to shut down your Windows quickly:

Step 1:

Right-click on the desktop with your mouse and choose New and then select Shortcut.

Select the "Shortcut"
Select the "Shortcut"

Step 2:

Now, a Create Shortcut window will be opened and there there is a text box below the writings Type the location of the space. Now write shutdown -s -t 30 in that space. After writing this, click on Next button.

Note: The command shutdown -s -t 30 and the custiomization of that command  will be discussed at the end of these steps.

Type "shutdown -s -t 30"
Type "shutdown -s -t 30"

Step 3:

In this step you will be prompted Select a TItle for the Program dialog box. Write a name ot the shortcut in the Type a name for this shortcut text box. Say, you name it Shutdown.exe. At last, click on Finish button.

It's all about shutdown quickly in your windows. Now, when you want to shutdown your Windows quickly, just double click on that executable file which we saved as shutdown.exe. After double-clicking you will see that your Windows operating system is shutdown quickly.

Expanation of "shutdown -s -t 30"

shutdown : this command is used to stop the local client

-s: It's a attribute which is used to mean turn off the computer.

-t: This attribute is used to tell the Windows how many seconds it will wait till shutdown.

30 : This is a value to define the time to wait before your Windows operation system will be shutdown. If you want to change the time value, you just change it.

You can easily customize the command. For example, if you want to shutdown your Windows within 40 seconds then you have to write the command like the followings:

shutdown -s -t 40

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