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How to Transfer a Word File to Android

Updated on April 17, 2013

For many people utilizing the android devices, the need arises that a document requires to be transferred from a personal computer to android phone or the tablet. The capabilities of the android platform have been vast and this just presents the changes now seen with mobile devices which continue get more powerful.

There are a number of methods which can be used to transfer a word file to android. It is therefore very easy to transfer a word file depending on the method used. Wireless transfer is the most acceptable, less cumbersome and even faster among the methods available. The use of the USB cable to transfer files and other media is cumbersome, time consuming and overtaken by advances in technology.

Wireless transfer of a word file to android is most appropriate and is the method to use. Wi-Fi networks are now available both at home, at work places and even some of the public establishments like malls and hotels. With a data connection available, the transfer of files is quite easy. The transfer of word files has also been made easy and efficient by cloud services and the email services. Whichever method is used, an android app will be required to view, read and edit the word document.

There are different apps made available on Google Play which can be used to view the word files. A good number of apps are free but others are paid apps which carry the extra features which are editing features.

Learn how to transfer a word file to android and enjoy the flexibility of viewing and working on your file away from your work station.

  • On your android phone, initiate the Wi-Fi service and obtain a connection.

  • Get to Google Play and search for word documents to find apps with which to view and edit word files as well as the spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. A good number of the apps will be free while others will be the paid apps. Office Suite and QuickOffice are examples of these apps.

  • Download and install the app which you have chosen.

  • Send the document to your email address and open the email from the android phone.

  • Click on the attachment to download and on the option ‘Open In’ scroll and tap the Word app to download and view the app.

For the cloud storage services

  • On Google Play, search for the cloud storage app which you use and download and install its android version which is free.

  • Place the Word document into the cloud storage service from the computer.

  • Launch the cloud storage app and browse through the folders to find the word document. Click on it and open it with the installed Word app from the ‘Open In’ options.

Whichever method which appeals to an android user, both are simple and direct ways to transfer a word file from a computer to the android phone. The transfers are usually quicker than the use of the USB cable. These methods will also be effective for other media files such as photos, music files and many other different files.


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