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How to add Wordpress Feeds to Google Buzz

Updated on July 8, 2011
Google Buzz
Google Buzz | Source

Wordpress Feeds To Google Buzz

Google Buzz, is one of the top social network and adding your Wordpress Blog feeds in Google Buzz, not only opens the door for more traffic. But make your hard earned blog more accessible to your Google Buzz Followers. Check how to add wordpress blog feeds in your Google buzz

Wordpress | Source



1. Computer
2. Internet Connection

3. Wordpress Blog

4. Google Account


Steps Required

1. Sign into your Google Accounts.

2. Go to your Google Profile Manager or Check at

3. Hit the button About Me

5. Scroll Down to Links and add your blog url.

6. Leave the rest to Google Buzz.

7. Now enjoy the power of Google Buzz.

Now enjoy more traffic and cash the oppurtunity.

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