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How to avoid unwanted programs from windows startup

Updated on May 25, 2013

Start up programs are those which start when the windows boots up. Unless we include only necessary programs in startup, windows will take a lot of time to boot up. Usually while installing new software they put their own components into windows startup, like update services, license verifications etc. During the installation process of these software you cannot control them from including their components in startup. But after installation you can remove these components from startup.

Unwanted processes running in startup not only increase the boot up time but also makes the system slow. Most of the viruses also add themselves into the startup of windows. So it is always necessary to keep a watch on your startup of windows and make sure that only most needed startup services are running.

On finding unwanted startup services, you have to remove them from windows startup. For removing one process from windows startup
1. Go to start -> run
2. Type msconfig and press enter
3. You will get into microsoft configuration window
4. Select selective startup from the startup tab
5. Uncheck the unwanted startup services
6. For making these settings effective, you need to restart the computer
7. After restarting, you will get a notification that windows is running on selective startup. Check the box and click OK

This is the standard way of editing windows startup. There is a lot of software for modifying windows startup. eg. AnVir task manager free. In the screen shot given below, I have removed Adobe update services and Java update services from startup which were giving unwanted startup notifications. In addition to avoiding programs from windows startup, it has the additional option for delayed startup. These programs will run only after one minute from the booting up of windows. This will make the booting process faster. It can also be used as a virus removal tool as it detects new processes added to startup from the last time and from internet it collects reliability information about the new process so that you can ensure whether it is a virus or not.

Also there are third party software helping to remove unwanted startup items. But if you know the above process, unwanted startup items can be removed without any additional software

Go to run prompt and type 'msconfig'
Go to run prompt and type 'msconfig'
General Tab in system Configuration
General Tab in system Configuration
Deselect unwanted items, from startup tab
Deselect unwanted items, from startup tab


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