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How to run Android applications in Windows

Updated on May 13, 2012

Can we run Android applications in Windows?. Considering the competition between Google and microsoft it is not possible for them to allow it. But in todays digital world nothing is impossible. That is we can run Android applications in windows platform also.

Android applications are run in windows platform using an application developed by the company BlueStacks. According to the company head Roshan Sharma, in the coming years applications will be more important compared to Operating systems. Usually applications developed for another operating system is run in another operating system with the help of Emulators. But the operation of Emulators is very slow compared to the applications running the same operating system. This is because it takes a lot of time to convert the code in one operating platform to another one. Wine is an example of emulator for running windows applications in Linux. The peculiarity of the application developed by Bluestacks is that it is working in co ordination with the hardware. Hence it will give more speed, almost as an application running in the same platfrom.

There is a lot of applications coming particularly for android and iPhone. There is a lot of people hoping to run these applications in big screen. The application developed by BlueStocks will be a solution for this.

Other ways to run android applications in windows

1. Youwave is another software that will help you to run android applications in windows platform.

2. You can install android itself in your computer. It is very fast and sleek. The only problem is that android is not fully functional as a computer operating system like windows. But it is worth giving a try. You can do it easily using a pen drive. For more details visit

3. Another way to try the effect of all versions of android and android applications is use android SDK. If you install this (available for all platforms like windows, Linux, Mac etc), you can not only run android applications but also experience the use of different versions of android. For more details read or you try development solutions.


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