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Human Computer Interaction

Updated on November 14, 2010

Human Computer Interaction is concerned with the communication that take place between the user and the Computer System. It is important that the system designer anticipate how the user will want to exchange formal message with the Software product therefore a good Interface between the user and the Computer must address the following objectives

  1. Effectiveness – The design of interface that allows users to access the system should be in  a way that is consistent with their individual needs
  2. Efficiency – The interfaces should be such that they are able to increase the speed of data entry and reduce error
  3. User consideration – The system must provide appropriate feedback to the user
  4. Productivity – Should be as shown through ergonomically  sound principle of design for user Interfaces and work places

Goals for Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction aims at developing a system that can allow users to carry out tasks safely, efficiently, effectively and enjoyable.

Aspect of Human Computer Interaction

  1. Ergonomics – Ergonomics is concerned with fitting the job environment of the worker. i.e. it is the study of the physical relationship between people and their work environment. It is concerned with the design of hardware and software as well as office furniture that is less stressful and comfortable to use. Continued use, user productivity, comfort and satisfaction with the system and all related to how ergonomically well designed workplace. When s system is design such factors as

·         Computer room, color and lighting should be considered to reduce the effect of light on human eye

  1. Visual Display Unit and keyboard general flexibility and adjustability should be provided for individual preferences
  2. Computer furniture height should be adjustable, poor design causes stress, , lower effectiveness, and efficiency and reduces motivation

Human Factors

A system analysts must aim at designing the system that tries to solve stated problems as much as possible i.e. the solution should tries to match user users need and expectation. A poorly designed system ( a system that does not take into consideration human factors) can be resisted by the users. User’s resistance can be caused by previous experiences, Suspicion about changes to working practices, Fear of redundancy

Failure to define clear goals lead to resistance among users, resentment leads to ineffective system use or deliberate undermining of the new system. The analyst must understand the type of the user the system is being designed for


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    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Nairobi

      buryshane you are right actually computers are design how we are doing things technologically


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