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Software Quality Assurance and Management

Updated on November 12, 2010

Software quality may be defined as conformance to explicitly functional and performance requirement explicitly documented developed standard and implicit characteristic that are expected of all professionally developed software. This tend to three important points

a)      Software requirements are the foundation from which quality is measured, lack of conformance to requirement is lack of quality

b)      Specified standard defined asset of development criteria that guide the manner in which the software is engineered, failure to follow such may compromise the software quality

c)       Asset of implicit requirement example ease of use and good maintainability is necessary and lack of which compromises the quality

Software Quality Assurance Activities

Software quality assurance activities lies in the hand of software engineer who do technical work and SQA group that have the responsibility of quality assurance planning, record keeping analysis and reporting. The engineers address quality by applying solid technical method, conducting reviews and performing software quality testing. The Software Quality Assurance group on the other hand assists the software team in achieving high quality and product by the following

a)      Preparing an SQA planning for a project , this is done during project planning and reviewed by all interested parties

b)      Participating in the development of the project of software description i.e. they select a process for the work to be performed

c)       Reviewing the software engineering activity to verify complaint with defined software process i.e. identifying deviation and ensuring correction are made promptly such deviation are well back to the project manager

d)      Recording any non compliant and reporting the same to the senior manager

Software Product Quality Attribute

1.       Correctness – does the software meet the specification

2.       Reliability – it should meet the reliable requirement

3.       Efficiency – meet the utilization of resources in development and operation

4.       Integrity – meet the accuracy stability security of the database

5.       Usability – operators can understand and operate the system

6.       Maintainability – reliability of specification code and other documentation at ease with which changes can be implemented

7.       Flexibility – this is the ability to accommodate growth and change

8.       Testability – every requirement being testable and also the entire system being capable of being tested

9.       Portability – ease of movement to another host environment

10.   Re – Usability – ability to integrate with other system

Software Quality Assurance and Management


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