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Knomo Laptop Bag Slim and Stylish

Updated on October 17, 2010

Stylish laptop bags are often hard to find. Some are too big and the smaller bags often are no more than a simple laptop sleeve. The Knomo bag is a great mix of a smallish bag with both a handle and a shoulder strap.

What is a Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is designed with a dedicated space to carry a laptop. The laptop space is typically padded with a strap closure to insure that the laptop does not slip out if the bag is tossed around. How many times have you had a bag sitting in the car seat beside you when you had to stop quicker than you expected? Where did the bag come to rest? Mine always slams to the floor – upside down.

What is a Laptop Sleeve

A laptop sleeve is a narrow bag that is typically constructed of neoprene fabric with a zippered closure. A narrow range of laptops will fit into laptop sleeves specifically designed for that size laptops. For example a laptop sleeve designed for a 14 inch or 15 inch laptop will not fit a 17 inch laptop. They may be basic black but if you prefer color there are plenty that would satisty you taste.

Most laptop sleeves do not offer handles or shoulder straps. The snug fit is meant to protect a laptop when it is placed within another bag.

What is a Messenger Bag

A messenger bag could be most any large bag that could accomadate files, electronic gadgets and a laptop. Typically they are on the large side with a flap that folds over the top of the bag with a snap or buckle style closure. A long shoulder strap can be worn over the shoulder or cross body.

A messenger bag is typically devided into two or three internal sections. Since none are padded this is a perfect bag with which to use a laptop sleeve.

How is the Knomo Bag Different

The Knomo Bag is slim and compact looking. It does not fit snug as a laptop sleeve typically would but there is enough space for a laptop and maybe some files. If I planned to carry items such as a computer power cord I would put it inside of a small pouch before placing it inside of the Knomo bag.

The Knomo bag has a lid type closure. That is to say – there is a cap of sorts that opens and closes with a long zipper extending from one side all the way across the front and around to the other side. When the bag is unzipped the entire top opens up for great accessablility. When zipped the bag looks clean and modern. A leather handle on the very top slides to a flat position when not in use. The Shoulder strap provides the opportunity to carry the bag hands free.

The fabric is quilted with a matching zipper and leather trim. Dark colors are available but there are also vibrant colors available.

The Knomo Bag could be carried as a laptop sleeve but it can also be carried all on its own. It makes a statement either way.


I like a computer bag that is shaped like the Knomo Bag. I like that it could fit inside of a larger bag because I always have a lot of things to carry for work. The handle and shoulder strap also makes the bag easy to carry on its own for a meeting. It is also stylish enough to carry into the store so that you do not have leave your laptop in the car.


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