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Laptop Bags: Skooba Laptop Sleeve Convertible to Laptop Bag

Updated on April 22, 2011


You may notice that I write a lot about gadget bags. Laptop bags is one my favorite topics partially because there is such variety available. Searching for the right laptop bag is almost a sport to me. I have purchased several but nothing has served all of my needs - yet.

In my opinion most laptop bags are too bulky. I prefer a laptop bag that I can also use as a purse. Yes, my laptops are small – I would not try to carry a 17” laptop in my purse. However, I have carried a bag large enough that a local “members only” wholesale club employee asked if I’d like to leave it at the customer service desk while I shopped. It was a very annoying question and I simply told her “no” and continued shopping.

I tell this story because it is a perfect example of why I like laptop sleeves instead of typical laptop bags. A purse may be more acceptable in a social setting but I refuse to leave my laptop in the car. So, a laptop sleeve solves this major issue – laptop bag versus purse.

A Skooba Skin Laptop Sleeve could be the most accommodating one of all. They are sold in three different sizes including the largest that fits a 17” laptop.

A wide variety of colors and fabrics make them really interesting as well. Purple, blue, red, lime green, black, brown and even pumpkin orange is just some of the cool colors available.

Microfiber and corduroy also make the Skooba Laptop Sleeves a bit more customized than the typical black leather or neoprene laptop sleeves by other manufacturers.

The hidden handles make also make the Skooba rise above the ordinary. The handles turn this sleeve into a laptop bag. The versatility lets you carry this bag in two different ways and could really work for a user like myself. For those quick trips to the store I would simply carry a wallet inside the Skooba Skin along with my laptop.


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    • profile image

      jazzalicious 8 years ago

      I really like that shade of blue on the sleeve in the top picture.

    • SoManyPaths profile image

      SoManyPaths 9 years ago from West Coast USA

      Hey , these are nice I am in the market for a new laptop bag but I want a backpack style one too.