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LG Cosmos Cases, Holsters & Protectors

Updated on October 3, 2011

LG Cosmos Cases to Protect Phone

About a month ago, I bought an LG VN250 Cell phone. I still love the phone but I've dropped it a couple of times, so it is time to think about getting one of those LG Cosmos cases or protectors so it doesn't get broken. I've done a little investigating and here's what I've come up with and why I chose what I did.

There are 3 types of cases or protectors for your LG VN250, a hard shell type of protector, a soft poly/foam type of case and a leather pouch or holster. I looked at all three types for both style and functionality and here's what I found;

Hard Shell Protector Case. The first kind of case is a hard shell that protects the phone using a hard outer shell. The benefit of this kind of protection is that it not only protects the phone from a blow like getting hit by something, it also helps keeping the phone from being flexed at a single point.

(Sidebar on Impacts) - Ignore this if you don't really care about understanding the forces and impacts to your phone. There are two types of blows a phone can take. One by dropping the phone like on a hard surface where some part of the phone will impact the floor and you want your protection to absorb that blow. This is the most common type of blow.

The second type of blow is if the phone gets hit at a single point like if your phone is on a desk and someone drops something on it. If the phone is on a hard surface and someone drops a book or something large, the blow will be onto the phone and the impact will be absorbed only by the phone because the hard surface below will not allow the force to be displaced.

Think of karate chopping a piece of play doh. If you hit it in the middle it both sides around the blow will fold up and the place where you hit will be compressed between your hand and the hard surface below. Similarly, with your phone, if it is hit with something, though it is a hard object the forces will be the same. This second type of blow is more dangerous and can cause more easily damage the phone because phones are designed to be dropped a few times.

Back to the protector case. This hard shell protects well for both types of impacts. The shell around the phone virtually acts as an outer shell that prevents scratches as well as dispersing blows to the phone.

The cases can be quite stylish and seem to work well with the pull out QUERTY keyboard.

Soft Poly/foam case - Whereas the hard case is like an outer shell, the poly foam soft case is more like a skin. This skin both cushions any blows and protects the phone from scratches and superficial damage. The foam has a much better feel and the shock absorber properties seem pretty effective for drops.

This skin type option sometimes has a hardened shell option with a foam backing. Though it is hard, it does not seem to be rigid like the hard shell option. Skin option seems a good trade-off between style and usability.

Pouch/Holster - The pouch/holster option is a leather type pouch that attaches to a belt clip or a purse and serves as a protective pouch in which you place your phone when it is not being used. This protects the phone from scratches and because it is clipped to someplace secure, it helps prevent dropping when not in use.

These cases come in any number of varieties including lamb skin or stylized. They could work in concert with the protective skin or shell options. This seems like a terrific option for someone on the go who often needs quick access to their phone.

LG COSMOS With HardShell Case
LG COSMOS With HardShell Case

My Choice

For my LG Cosmos case, I chose the hard shell. It is mostly the way I tend to use my phone. I don't drop it a lot but I do leave it on my workbench and desk. If anything were to fall on it, I'd want to prevent it from breaking. The hard shells don't have the feel to them that the skins do but I like the rigidity and the protection it offers.

The backing for my case is a clear plastic case with holes for the camera and microphone. The front side is a silver colored protective ring around the outer edge of the phone. This give the user access to the front side of the phone and because the ridge is raised above the edge of the phone, if it falls flat, the edging will take the blow. Same goes for if it drops and hits an edge.

Protective Sheets for the Screen - Don't forget to get some protective sheets for your screen. This will help prevent scratches on your screen.

More Cell Accessories

If by chance you haven't found the accessories you are looking to find, you can check out our cell phone & accessories portal. There are more ideas including other solutions to accessories and more. Thanks for visiting our Hub Pages. Be sure check back soon for more updates.


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    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Alea - I don't recall ever seeing anything. Let me know if you find something and I'll do the same.

    • profile image

      Alea 7 years ago

      Any beatles or the who cases for the cosmos

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Ana - Beach themed or beach proof?

    • profile image

      Ana 7 years ago

      im looking for a beach related case.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Kaie, no will love your for doing it! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

      I've dropped my LG a million times, and it still loves me! :-D Maybe I should look into one of these!