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Led Matrix With Arduino UNO

Updated on August 25, 2017

When working with an array of LEDs the first thing we must do is identify the pins and for this we must perform a test with a 3V battery. We try polarizing the end pins and when line five and column 8 light up, then we will have identified pins one and sixteen. This test we can see it in the following image and the following video.


The video of this project we can see it below:

The tests that we are going to carry out are the following:

Example 1: TEST. This test is used to check that all the LEDs on the matrix are functioning properly, ie that the illumination of each of the LEDs is progressive.

Example 2: HEART In this test we are going to draw a heart that is changing size with the passage of time and that is also moving.

Example3: NAME. Here we are going to place the letters of a name and we are going to go unfolding them progressively every second.

Example4: MOTION. Finally we are going to make the sweep of the letters of a name, where each letter moves from right to left and when it finishes its route this one goes off to start the next letter.

Below we show the electrical diagram of this project and the video of the demonstration.


The video of this project we can see it below:


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