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LightKeeper Pro Fixes Holiday Light Strings

Updated on November 14, 2010

Don't throw those holiday lights in the garbage - fix them with the LightKeeper Pro

Decorating for the holidays turns into a massive undertaking for some people. They wrap their homes in decorative lights and set their trees aglow with even more lights. Reindeer, Polar Bears, snowmen and groups of carolers stand in the yard wearing their colorful skin of lights. New strings of lights find their way into the collection gathered over the years to fill in dark spots. People drive from miles around to see the wonderland created by the sparkling, blinking and colorful lights.

Others enjoy hanging a just a few strings of lights on the front porch or around a window or two. It is not that they don’t like the exaggerated decorations that some amass but it can take a long time to install them and they get so frustrated when a string of lights refuse to illuminate. It can take hours tracking down the loose or burned out bulb. Decorating or the holidays is supposed to be fun – not frustrating!


The Lightkeeper Pro Miniature Light Repair Tool is an invaluable gadget for holiday decorations everywhere. It can be used to find and to repair the problems both before and after the lights are strung. Strings of lights stored away from the previous year may have had a kink in them. The tiny wires inside may have lost their continuity or connection with the bulb holders along the string. Even if most lights along the string still work – the few dark ones will always show.

Use the LightKeeper Pro to find those areas of non-continuity. You will hear a beep anywhere along the string of lights that has a problem and you can usually fix the problem with the LightKeeper Pro. If one of the lights gets broken it is very difficult and dangerous to remove it with you bare hands. Again, the LightKeeper Pro Miniature Light Repair Tool comes to the rescue by easily and safely pulling the broken light bulb off the string so that a new bulb can replace it. A small compartment in the LightKeeper Pro stores extra light bulbs so they are always handy while working your way along a string of holiday lights.


The LightKeeper Pro is UL listed and works with net lights, icicle lights, pre-lit trees, wreaths and yard decorations. Batteries are included in the box so you are ready to go immediately. The LightKeeper Pro is easy to use – simply plug a string of lights into it, pull the trigger and see the problem bulb light-up. If the bulb is broken use the LightKeeper Pro to remove it. You don’t even have to hunt down a replacement bulb since there is probably one already on board. I am sure that there are some issues that cannot be repaired by the LightKeeper Pro and so the string of lights needs to be replaced. However, the LightKeeper Pro Miniature Light Repair Tool may save trips to the store and the cost of replacing holiday lights that do not need to be replaced. I know how important that this because I tried to replace a string of lights from a couple of years ago and I can no longer find any that match what I already have.


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