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Paper Toss World Tour Game App For iPhone - Tips, High Scores, Cheats & Tactics

Updated on March 15, 2011


If you are after Paper Toss World Tour app tips, tactics, high scores and cheats then you are in the right place. The Paper Toss World Tour game app for the iPhone and iPad is a new and improved version of the old Paper Toss app which has been very popular for a while now. In this article we will review the game, look for some tips for Paper Toss World Tour, think about high scores for the game, see if we can come up with any tactics that might help you on the harder levels and also see if there are any Paper Toss World Tour cheats available.

Currently the Paper Toss World Tour app is free to download on the iPhone. This is a very simple game that is easy to play yet very addictive. The game uses good graphics and fun sound effects to give players a really good game play experience. If you want a simple game that will keep you occupied for a few hours then Paper Toss World Tour could well be just what you are looking for.

Paper Toss World Tour Game


When you open the app up you are first of all taken to the menu screen. The menu screen is very bright and full on information. There are a number of pictures pinned to a wall in the background. These are the levels you can play. On the menu screen you also have the option of viewing the high scores. The high scores page gives you a list of all the different locations you can play the game and then your best score on each level. As far as I am aware there is no way to post your high scores online when it comes to high scores on Paper Toss World Tour.

On the main menu page you also have the option of turning the game sound on and off. You can also view more games from the makers of Paper Toss World Tour. Another option you have on this page is to purchase the deluxe version of Paper Toss World Tour. You also often get an advert appearing at the bottom of the screen, you do have an option to remove all adds from the game, but this will cost you 99c or 59p. So chances are you will be happy to put up with the adds.

When you are ready to play the game you simply click on the level you want to play. At first the only level you can play is the first one. This is set in Japan. The idea of Paper Toss World Tour is very simple, all you do is throw the paper into the paper basket. To do this you simply drag your finger up the screen in the direction you wish to throw. On each throw there will be a wind blowing, you can see the strength and direction of the wind by looking at the little arrow at the bottom of the screen. This will affect the way your paper flies through the air.

On the first level the paper basket is not very far away. It is quite easy to make a basket. Your score is calculated by adding the amount of shots you make in a row. If you make three shots in a row you unlock the next level to play. As you move along the levels they get progressively harder as the basket starts to move further away. The final level is set in a baseball ground in the USA. You throw the paper from the top of the stand and the paper basket is a long way away. On this level it is very hard to make one shot let alone three in a row. There are also two bonus levels that are available to play, these are good ones as you can play these without having to complete the other levels in the game.

Paper Toss Tips, Tactics, High Scores & Cheats

If you are looking for tips and tactics for Paper Toss World Tour then there are a few we can look at. When it comes to tactics you really need to practice. When the wind is blowing really strong you need to throw your paper off the edge of the screen. The strongest it will blow is 5.99, if it does get this strong you need to throw it as wide as possible. Another tip is to move your finger along way up the screen, this is supposed to improve accuracy. If you want a fun little tip, throw a shot very wide off the screen, if you do this you will hear an amusing sound effect, you get two different ones on each level you play. The best way to get high scores on Paper Toss World Tour is simply to practice, as you learn the game you get to understand the angles and how the wind effects each throw.

One thing I have noticed that lets the game down a little is the fact that you can’t post high scores anywhere. This means we don’t really know what a really good score is on the game. My best score on the Japan level is around the 20 mark, whereas my high score on the USA level is only 2! Maybe if you have a few good high scores on Paper Toss World Tour you can post them on the comments section below.

A few people will no doubt be looking for cheats for Paper Toss World Tour. Or maybe someone is looking for ways to unlock the levels that are locked. As far as I can see though there are no cheats for Paper Toss World Tour at the moment. This is still a new game so maybe someone will bring cheats out in the future, but not at the moment. You will just have to practice if you want to unlock some of the harder levels.

The Paper Toss World Tour iPhone app really is a great little game. This is one that even children can play as it is so simple. The game play is fun and very addictive and some of the levels really are a challenge. So if you want a nice little iPhone app that is free to download, look no further than Paper Toss World Tour.


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