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Pouchee Ultimate Purse Organizer

Updated on October 18, 2010

Interesting study on what we carry in purses and bags

Organizing items in a purse or bag protects them and makes them easier to find. Keys no longer fall into oblivion and finding an ink pen no longer causes stress and embarrassment. Electronic gadgets such as cell phones and digital cameras need a dedicated pocket. Although many bags have inside and outside pockets many times they are not the right size and are not strong enough to withstand the weight of multiple devices.

How to Keep a Purse or Bag Organized

Purse organizers including the Pouchee Ultimate Purse Organizer work well with smaller bags as well as larger ones. It measures just over 7inches wide, just over 5 inches high and an inch thick. An interior zipper pocket provides even more organization possibilities as well as increased security for small items. Instead of handles there are two metal rings at the top making moving the Pouchee from one bag to the other an easy thing to do.

Why is the Pouchee Special?

The Pouchee Ultimate Purse Organizer features eight pockets on the outside and five pockets on the inside. Some pockets are smaller than others such as the ink pen pocket found on one outside corner. If I were the Pouchee designer I would have put it in the same place. On the same side of the organizer – next to the ink pen pocket there are two larger pockets that could house a small digital camera or a cell phone. On the opposite side of the Pouchee Organizer there are slotted pockets that are great for carrying credit cards, insurance cards, gift cards or receipts. Next to the slotted pockets there is another larger pocket much like those on the previous side.

Inside the Pouchee there are three more pockets – one with a zipper. The inside pockets are the length of the organizer and can accommodate items such as a wallet, a gadget case or anything that is too tall to fit into the vertical pockets on the outside.

The Pouchee is available in multiple colors. Each one is made of sturdy and durable cotton canvas in colors of tan, teal, pink, black, red and purple giving even the pickiest purse carrier great choices. Regardless of the color there is a black and white polka dotted ribbon that trims the top of each organizer.

Reminders of why an Organized Purse or Bag is Important

· Less stress when hunting for an ink pen or your cell phone

· Electronic Gadgets are protected from crushing and scratches

· Trading purses or bags is easier when all of the contents are contained in the Pouchee Ultimate Purse Organizer

· The multiple sized pockets of the Pouchee fits multiple type of necessary items

· The pretty colors can coordinate with most any purse or bag.


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is good to think that a Purse or a bag is a good protecter.