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Robosaurus, World's Largest Transformer

Updated on August 1, 2013

This time I’ll write something light. And I believe many of us know this stuff, especially for US citizen. I got this inspiration after saw “Ripley’s Believe It or Not “. I know this isn’t a new thing for us. I thought many of us know “Robosaurus” very well than me who live millions mills from United States. Robosaurus is a giant robot with a shape like a dinosaur by using electrohydromechanical machine. It was built for a single purpose, that is for entertainment. Robosaurus was created by Doug Malewicki in 1989. It is currently owned and operated by Monster Robots, Inc. Robourus is like giant transformer toys with the driver sitting in the head of the robot. From Ripley’s, I saw this robot has the ability to transform from a "48-foot semi trailer" into a "mechanical dinosaur" (T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex).


With a hydraulic system this robot can move its arms, jaws, grasping claws and a flame thrower as special attraction. Many audiences waiting the moment when the head give the effect of breathing fire out of its nostrils. From trusted information is said that it took two years to create this giant robot and need $2.2 million to build. From outer appearance it has height of 45 feet while it stands and transformed into giant dinosaurs from 48-foot semi trailer. Robosaurus has weight about 31 kilograms or 31 tons.


How about the engine? Robosaurus is powered by a 500 horsepower, diesel engine and turbo charged. How to produce the fire breath effect? it need two 20-gallon propane tanks and houses air cannons to create fireworks , fire confetti or missiles.

Robosaurus has performance in many events, like: Airshows, Motorsports Events, Parades, Nascar Tracks, Company Sales Promotions, City Events, and Theme Parks all over the world. But most of the events held on United States. That’s why I post this hub to get many opinions from US hubbers which has experience in seeing this robot.


From the video we can see how this robot can lift the car, crush the car with it jaws. Robosaurus is capable of lifting 4,000 pounds and can breaths 20 foot fingers of flame. How about the voice? The voice is produced by a 6000 watt onboard sound system and it can be linked to sound system in the event. That’s why we can hear loud noises such as the real dinosaurs. No wonder this make the audience amazed and totally entertained by this attraction. Start form kids and adults enjoy this show.


What do we see during Robosaurus show? This robot hold the car, bite them in half, rips off their roof, crushes them with big size hands before throw them on the ground. Robosaurus is controlled by human pilot and copilot. They have full independent control of eighteen hydraulic functions simultaneously. It makes the robot looks alive. That’s why Monster Robots, Inc. worked closely with several companies to make robosaurus life. They are Parker Hannifin Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio and P-Q Controls, Inc. of Bristol, Connecticut. It reminds us about Transformer the movie, even before the transformer exist. It's time for fantasy into reality.


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