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Samsung Galaxy Fit review

Updated on June 15, 2012

Another good and pocket friendly release from Samsung. Surely it is a worthy addition to the low to mid end android smart phones. In features it stands almost equally to galaxy ace. It is the best android phone that you can get below Rs. 10000 in the current smart phone market. Its looks are like any average phone only, but when it comes to the hardware specifications and performance it is not behind any other mid range android phone. The build quality is also average. But in this price range it comes in the best.

Price-$250 (Rs.9999)

Operating system-Android 2.2 (froyo)

This phones comes with a stock android operating system version of 2.2 known as froyo. So far Samsung has not released any updates to android 2.3 Honeycomb. But it is expected that this update will be released soon. Android 2.2 itself has considerable improvements over the previous version android 2.1 Eclair. It offers additional features like task manager, wi-fi hotspot, application installation in SD card and flash support. But due to the absence of adobe plug in, flash will not work in this phone. But you can use custom browsers like skyfire browser which supports flash to overcome this. You can download this application from android market free of cost.

Processor ( 600MHz speed)

Samsung is offering a lot of features in this phone. But surely you will be amazed knowing that this phone is running in a 600MHz processor. Samsung proved that it is enough to run android 2.2 operating system smoothly with support up to 7 home screens and wonderful touch wiz 3.0 of Samsung. But this speed is not enough to play high graphics games and heavy media codecs. By default this phone supports only mp4 and 3gp video formats, but using custom android applications that you can download from android market, you can play almost all format videos. QQ player, Summer player or V player, Rock player are some good examples of such free players.

RAM (278MB)

This is the maximum RAM that you can expect in this price range. As even Samsung galaxy Ace has only this much RAM, you cannot expect more RAM in this phone. And this RAM is enough to run 3 or 4 apps smoothly. But as the number of applications increases you can see the loading effect or a small lagging effect. If you use the built in task killer or any other task killer application wisely RAM will not be a problem. Only competitor which comes in near price range and good RAM is LG Optimus only.

Camera (5MP with auto focus )

5MP auto focus camera in fit offers a large number of features. Auto focus feature allow this phone to read QR codes easily which can be worth for future shopping purposes. Camera performs very well in well light conditions and even in low light conditions camera performs well. But camera in this phone cannot be compared to the superior 5MP camera in galaxy ace. Comparing to phones of same price range, this phone camera is superior. But there is no quick access button to camera as you see in Nokia phones. For accessing camera and taking a snap you have to touch. Camera also offers feature like face detection, smile detection, geo tagging etc.

Screen (3.3 inch TFT capacitive touch screen)

3.3 inch TFT capacitive touch screen is of 240 x 320 pixels and 65K colors. User interface runs on touch wiz 3.0 or Samsung supporting auto rotation using accelerometer sensor. But the large display is a battery draining factor also. It also comes with proximity sensor for automatic light turn off. Display is superior in this price range but of low resolution compared to mid range android phones.

Battery(1350 mAh)

This is the best battery capacity that you can expect in this price range. But it is a bit low for the big battery draining screen. It is a common complaint from users of this phone that battery is draining too fast. But in this price range smart phones with such big displays can provide only this much battery capacity. Which smart phone can offer more that two days of battery backup with good usage?. Even high end smart phones cannot. So this is the battery capacity and back up that you can expect in a smart phone. You can follow battery life extending tips to increase the battery life.

For details specifications

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    • profile image

      Arun James 5 years ago

      nice post yaaaaar

    • profile image

      rahul 6 years ago

      I am a fit owner. Till now itsgood! But it lacks the graphics performance.

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Thanks a lot my friends

    • profile image

      Johnson 6 years ago

      Very good work friend. In a single page you can get all the details of the phone. Also giving the main details as heading is a good idea

    • NickSimpson profile image

      NickSimpson 6 years ago from Jacksonville, Illinois

      Good hub with some great info, thanks for shareing