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Samsung YP-P2

Updated on June 10, 2009

The Samsung YP-P2 was released in 2007 by its South-Korean Company soon after the YP-T9 model and was designed to compete the with iPod Touch. Like its predecessor it comes loaded with stereo Bluetooth, video playback features all set into a trendy body. The YP-P2 is available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB storage capacities.

Samsung YP-P2

Its 3” touch screen which covers up most of the media player’s face, contains volume control buttons to the right while the play and pause buttons lie on the left of the device. The flash player resembles the iPod Touch but it weighs considerably less at 85g as opposed to 120g for its counterpart. A small LED light sits pretty below the screen and a USB connection socket lies beside the headphone socket. A built-in microphone is available at the back which is not functional at present but Samsung says that a future upgrade will enable calls to be answered when attached to a compatible mobile phone.

The YP-P2 supports only MP3 and WMA protected and non-protected formats. It does not have the AAC, making it incompatible to the DRM-free songs and iTunes Plus music stores. It also lacks in no loss WMA and WAV supports. However, it has excellent sound quality, making the sound tracks clearly audible and free of disturbances. The A2DP stereo Bluetooth make audio experiences through the earphones quite pleasant. The media player also features the FM Radio.

Video playback is quite remarkable and is supported by MPEG4 and WMV for the video and JPEG for the photos. You can choose to zoom the images, watch them on a slide show and even use the photos as backgrounds to the menu. The large screen gives clear and exceptional quality viewing. The media studio software can convert video clips though at a slow rate.

Samsung’s media manager helps you subscribe to RSS feeds which are automatically downloaded onto your P2. A sign-based manoeuvring function helps to make browsing easy with the superbly animated menu following the direction of your choice. This feature is similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch but the procedure can be a little slow at times. Context menus allow you to use the numerous function screens. Apart from these features, the Samsung YP-P2 has a clock, text viewer and calendar. The text viewer supports formatting thereby providing you with just about enough time to go through your text files.

Finally, it supports the BBC iPlayer, which means that you can download BBC programmes of the past week that are made available through the BBC website. The YP-P2 does not enable streaming hence only shows that have been streamed onto your PC can be picked up and dropped into your media player.

Each of the three versions of the Samsung YP-P2 are available in the UK and are priced at £99 for the 2GB version, £109 for the 4GB model and £129 for the 8GB model.

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