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Sony Walkman S Series

Updated on June 10, 2009

Sony has launched another new series of walkmans in a range called the S-Series. This series comprises of two excellent mp3 players, the NWZ-S639F with a storage capacity of 16GB and the NWZ-S638f with 8GB capacity.

Both the Sony S-Series walkmans have an incredible sound quality the credit for which go to the three in-built super audio technologies, the Clear Stereo, Clear Bass and DSEE digital sound enhancement. They work in sync to produce the most realistic sounds such as you would hear at a live concert.

Sony Walkman S Series

A powerful Normaliser maintains a perfect balance in the volume between songs. The SensMe technology helps categorise your music into different moods at the mere touch of a button. The 5-Band equaliser with four preset and two custom settings produces the finest sound mix for your music.

The built-in FM-Tuner enables you to skip and change between music and video libraries and radio programmes. It comes already set with 30 channels giving you a great selection of stations to tune in to.

You can watch your videos on the superb quality playback in excellent colours and picture quality which are further enhanced by the advanced video formats such as the mp3, AAC, WMA (DRM), AVC, MPEG4 and JPEG. The Walkman comes preloaded with 8 music videos which include tracks from the Ting Tings, Sandi Thom and Chris Brown. You can even set a picture of your own choice as a backdrop.

The Drag and Drop facility helps you easily drag and drop content and Podcasts straight away from Windows Media Player 11, Windows Explores or iTunes onto your walkman. Managing your playlist and shuffling your files is simple and takes only a few seconds.

The phenomenal battery life lasts up to 40 hours of continuous use giving you uninterrupted entertainment. The other features include a mega bright 2.0’ QVGA LCD screen that exhibits clear-cut photos, videos and album art in portrait or widescreen format. It is so light in weight, weighing only 46g that you can hardly feel that you are carrying it. Its easy to manoeuvre menus, are enabled by the short cut icons that are generally seen on mobile phones.

All the three walkmans are also compatible with the BBC iPlayer making it easy to download your favourite programmes from the BBC channels straight onto your Sony S-Series mp3/mp4 player. Since all the portable media devices do not have Internet connectivity, streaming is not possible and hence programmes can only be downloaded from the iPlayer website onto your media player though you will need to sync through the Windows Media Player.

The Sony S-Series NWZ-E368F is similar in design and technology but for the storage capacity. The NWZ-E368F’s storage capacity of 8GB allows it to store 2000 music tracks or 30 hours of video whereas the NWZ-E369F with its 16GB storage can save up to 4000 music tracks or 60 hours of video. Both the walkmans are available in black, silver and red colours and are priced at £99 (NWZ-E368F) and £129 (NWZ-E369F) respectively.

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    • profile image

      Emre 4 years ago

      , lets get right down to it..Pros: Comes with 2 combine of head phneos. One is wireless and therefore the alternative may be a three.5 wired combine. 2) go along with totally different sized ear buds. 3)The ear buds are snug. nowadays I finished three miles on the elliptical machine and didnt even feel them. 4)It charges quickly and once a pair of hours of continuous play with the wireless head phneos, the batter meter continues to be full. 5)I truly got 2+ hours of fine sound quality out of the wireless head phneos and that they still are not dead. 6) Its straightforward to place music on the device and it's pre-set up folders for videos, pod cast, pictures, music, etc. It will go along with pre-loaded music, video, and pics for wall paper however its simply deletable. 7)The wireless headphneos go along with to a small degree box for operation. Its extremely lightweight and comes with a clip. Please note, the twine isnt terribly long therefore its obvious meant to be clipped to your collar or somewhere high on your shirt. From the ear bud, its a couple of foot long. 8)The style of the ear buds create them snug even if they are doing match within the ear, and that they dont return whereas jogging. The clip looks pretty robust too, therefore it wont return off either.Cons: The charging dongle. this can be my solely beef with this device. It comes with one dongle and if you loose, you'll be able to not charge it. Its proprietary, therefore you cant go realize} another from the native walmart and that i havent been able to find it on amazon either. Its concerning half-dozen inches in length, one finish is for the device and therefore the alternative finish may be a micro usb. Anyone see a charging issue however. Well, here it is.. It comes with another USB a pair of Micro USB cable that plugs into the proprietary dongle so you'll be able to charge it via laptop and upload your music. If you're thinking that thats one thing, check this out. The micro usb finish of the dongle plugs into the wireless head phneos so you charge them still. Thats not a serious gripe since you'll be able to charge the pinnacle phneos with any micro usb cable however the issue is, that damn dongle..ALL-in-All: i might suggest this device. simply make certain to not loose the dongle it comes with. Tape it to your laptop or one thing. it'd are nice if they threw in a very very little pouch for the cables though. That being said, its still well worth the cash, oh, at its bluetooth capable. It pairs with the wiresless headphneos as soon as you switch it on. No special button combination to carry down, like on most bluetooth devices..