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Sony Walkman E Series: Compatibility With BBC iPlayer

Updated on June 10, 2009

Sony has recently launched its E Series walkmans, NWZ-E35, NWZ-E436F and the NWZ-E438 with 2 GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities respectively. The NWZ-E436F can record up to 1000 music tracks at 128 kbps or 15 hours video at 384 kbps. These sleek and trendy walkmans with a bright 2” LCD screen can give you the best picture and sound quality. They have the most convenient to use menus with short cut icons like that on a mobile.

Their high quality video playback of 30 frames per second and their QVGA picture clarity enables superb viewing in perfect colour. These also technically support the most advanced video and audio file formats such as the mp3, AAC, WMA (DRM), MPEG4, AVC and JPEG.

All three versions of the Sony E Series Walkman have a powerful battery that can playback up to 40 hours of non-stop music or 8 hours of non-stop video playback, without needing a recharge in between. So, no matter where you are, you will not be deprived of your favourite track. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery to its maximum.

You also have the privilege of listening to thirty different channels on FM which are already preset. The built-in FM tuner allows you to change between programmes and select the one of your choice.

Compatibility with BBC iPlayer

The Sony E Series Walkmans are compatible with the BBC iPlayer. You can download BBC programmes from the BBC iPlayer and watch 400 hours of BBC programmes which are updated every seven days.

It is quite simple to download the programmes by following the instruction manual. You can select the programmes of your choice from the BBC iPlayer website and download it onto your Sony mp3/mp4 player and watch the programme at leisure. It is as simple as that.

Sony has been the first to grab the opportunity of having the BBC iPlayer facility on its walkmans. Apart from its exceptional features it is because of this facility that the Sony E Series are so popularly in demand.

The easy drag and drop cursor helps you transfer videos and music tracks in a matter of seconds through the Windows Media Player 11, iTunes or Windows Explorer.

The 44mm x 83.9mm x 8.5mm Sony E Series Walkmans are extremely lightweight, weighing only 50gms.

The NWZ-E435 which is priced at £27.99 is available in the colours black and pink while the NWZ-E436 which is priced at £88.99 is available in the colours, black, blue, red and pink.

The NWZ-E438, priced between £99.99 to £124.95 is available only in the black colour.

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