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SlimKey V2 Steel Stand with 4 USB 2.0 Hub Space Saver

Updated on March 15, 2011


Real Estate on our desktops, tabletops and countertops is valuable. Paper, remote controls, computers, laptops, keyboards, cell phones and a number of peripherals continues to expand into our workspace at an astounding rate. For a while the piles can be pushed aside to uncover a tiny bare spot – just large enough for a keyboard or notepad but eventually there will be overflow that falls to the floor. Time lost is often money lost. There has to be a better way to organize the daily deluge of stuff. 

How many times have you set your keyboard aside to clear a space to write a check or to look at a file, only to need the paper that is now covers? Each time you shuffle, the loss of concentration affects the task at hand. For those stylish enough to own a Wireless Apple Keyboard or other thin flat peripheral such as a Wacom Tablet, a Kindle or other electronic book reader, the SlimKey V2 is a shelf that acts as a garage of sorts. I have external backup drives that would fit well tucked under the SlimKey V2.


Made of aluminum colored powder-coated steel about one tenth of an inch thick, the SlimKey V2 supports up to 35 pounds. Most monitors weigh less than that. Of course, instead of a monitor you may choose a laptop to grace the new found space. Either way the slim keyboard or other slim peripheral will no longer eat into space that needs to be utilized in other ways.

The SlimKey V2 measures approximately 18.5 inches wide X 9 inches deep and 1.1 inches high. That is too low for many common keyboards that measure approximately 1.25 inches at their thickest point but is plenty high for the ultra thin Apple Wireless Keyboard. USB ports are at a premium in my work life. I have portable USB hubs but they are generally stashed in my travel bag. The SlimKey V2 stand has a powered integrated 4 port USB hub. There is a compact size power adapter included as well as a 9 foot USB 2.0 cable.


There are other products much like the SlimKey that are designed to accommodate laptops. The LapTuk for example is designed so that a MacBook or MacBook Pro would fit underneath. Most are also made from steel that has been colored to match aluminum Apple products but some are made of high impact plastic materials. There is no rule about what you use these products for. I can think of many ways to use both the SlimKey V2 and the LapTuk. How would you use them?



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