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Smart display technologies in gadgets of today and future

Updated on May 13, 2012

Display technology is growing day by day. The current display techniques in mobile field are

Retina Display

This is the famous display technology developed by Apple for i Phones. Apple claims that Retina display experience is better than natural display experience. Human eye can detect a maximum of 300 dots per pixel but in retina display nearly 326 dots per pixel is used providing more clarity than natural display

Gorilla Glass Display

This dispaly method is patented by Corning Incorporated. This company claims that Gorilla glass is used by more than 20 companies in their products numbering above hundred. According to the manufacturer, you will need a hammer to break this glass. But in practical experience, you will not need a hammer as you can see Droid phones with crack in display. But it is true that this screen is scratch resistant and not crack proof. If you apply more pressure to the screen surely it will break down. Nokia is using Gorilla glass in its most of the recently revealed smart phones like N8, C6-01 etc

Super AMOLED Display

This is another display technology made famous by Samsung. The peculiariy of this display is that in this display touch sensor are placed in the same display glass itself. In usual capacitive touch screen, touch sensors are placed as a separate layer with a slight spacing with the dispaly layer. But in Super AMOLED Display as touch sensors are placed in the dispaly layer itself, you can experience super smooth touch experience.

IPS Panel Display


This is a display technology develped by Hitachi. IPS panel crystals are arranged in a plane parallel to each other. So it is good in color reproduction and provides a large viewing angle.

Quantum Dot dispaly

This technology is in the developing stage even now. you can expect this in i Phone 5 and devices with android 4. It will take nearly 2 years for this technology to come out of labs.


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      Quantum dot display is next generation display technology. You still have to wait to see more details about this kind of display.

    • artrush73 profile image

      artrush73 5 years ago

      Hi, there are very interesting facts about screens, but what does quantum dot mean? His does it work and what it is good for?