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tips for taking good photos with phone camera

Updated on May 13, 2012
Optical zoom is available in phones also
Optical zoom is available in phones also

For taking photos of good quality, there is no need to buy a separate digital camera now. Most of the smart phones of today are able to take photos of very good quality with their 5MP camera itself. There are certain tips to take good photos with your phone camera.

Most of the today high end phones comes with a minimum of 8MP auto focus camera with some phones with more good cameras. For example nokia N8 has 12 MP auto focus camera and a xenon flash that is used in digital cameras. The problem with these cameras is that these posses only digital zoom so that you will loose the clarity of photos if you take photos after zooming it. But there are some purely camera intended phones with bulky optical zoom. But there are some tips that you can use to take good photos with phone camera

1. Be updated with the software version of your phone

Most of the smart phone operating systems now a days come with built in camera application which is very good in making all functions of hardware accessible through interface. Android is offering a lot of manual control options in versions from android 2.2 or froyo. So always try to be updated with your phone software at the latest available version. Also try to experiment with different manual settings options available.

2. Use flash for filling light

Even while taking photos in sunlight lit backgrounds, you can enable flash because it helps as filling light. A common problem while taking photos is under exposure. Using flash light diminishes shadows and compensates under exposure. Also the quality of flash is important. In most of the smart phones the flash is of LED type only. Even though it is not as good as xenon flash, it can be used in purposes mentioned above. A bad quality flash will ruin your photo irrespective of the way you are using it. You can only analyze the quality of your flash by taking images with and without flash.

3. For better night photos adjust ISO settings

While taking photos at night, you have to hold your camera still and also the subjects also have to be still. Turn on stabilizer option if your mobile has one. If moderate light is available turn off flash and take photo. But parts of night photos will blur, taken without flash. ISO settings is the sensitivity to light. But making it very high will increase the picture noise. So it is important to find the correct ISO settings for dark surroundings. You can do it only by experimenting with the settings because it is different for different for different phones.

4. Do not use Digital Zoom

Most of the phone cameras have only digital zoom. In digital zoom, while zooming there is no lens movement, but the pixels are blown out to get the zoomed effect. So while taking a photo in devices with digital zoom never, zoom using the zoom option in camera. If you want to fill the frame move close to the object and take photo. The same effect of zooming in digital camera, you can obtain after taking without zooming it, by magnify option in PC or your phone itself. But there are some less number of phones with optical zoom. In these phones zoomed photos will also be good as the zoom option in optical zoom gives finer details of the object

5. Try using camera apps for getting additional options

Application for improving camera functions are available in all smart phone platforms especially in android platform. For example timer application is worth trying if you do not have a built in timer in your camera. Surely as the number of applications are increasing day by day, you will get more options in future.

6. Avoid blur pictures by avoiding motion and selecting correct mode

Your photos will be blur if either the subject or the camera moves while taking the picture. If the subject is moving, you can adjust it by selecting correct shooting mode. Sports mode is used for taking if the subject is moving very fast. If there is enough light, you can increase the shutter speed as it will not affect your picture. Also try to hold the camera still while taking picture. In some cameras you need to press twice to take picture one for focusing and next for taking picture. If a processing notification is shown after taking picture move your hand only after the processing is over.

7. Use the blur option in camera to focus on a subject without unwanted surroundings

There is a blur option in most of the cameras.It is used to focus only a single object and avoid the surroundings that are not that necessary. It avoids the in depth details of unwanted surroundings, but gives the clear picture of the focused object. If the camera and the subject is moving and the surroundings are unwanted you can try this mode. Portrait mode offers this feature in phone cameras by decreasing in depth surrounding information. This can be achieved by decreasing aperture to a level as low as possible in manual setting of cameras.

8. Pay attention to lighting.

Good photos are taken when lighting is great. Especially when you are taking photos with camera phones, you cannot provide your own lighting. Try to adjust what is available to get optimum output. In most cases you will want the light source to in your back lighting your subjects. If it is not available try adjusting the position of subjects. Also try to avoid unnecessary light sources in your frame as the camera will adjust the exposure in accordance with the light available in the frame. In studios three types of light are used. Key light behind camera for lighting the subject. Fill light for filling the shadows in the subject. Back light for giving depth information of the subject. While taking photos in day light you can also make similar adjustments using windows and ventilation if you are taking pictures indoor.

9. Try new things and views

The beauty of the photo depends on the way you are taking it. Not on the hardware that you are using to take picture. Try from different perspective views other than the usual camera eye level setting. For taking photo of children playing try to take photos bending to their height. You can become a good photographer both technically and artistically only by experimenting with the hardware options and trying new things. Best wishes:)


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    • Leptirela profile image

      Leptirela 7 years ago from I don't know half the time

      GREAT HUB!!!

      To this day I still have issues with taking a picture.

      Useful ...

      Thank you for sharing, I will be refering back to this I promise. Voted up :)


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