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Social Networking Tips For Musicians

Updated on June 23, 2013

Social Networking is indisputably one of the most popular ways to promote and get the word out about just well, anything. It's the go to way to let people know about your events & shows, music and what you did this afternoon. Here are some tips to get the best of your time while social networking!

1. Remember to network in person!

If you're like me, then when you were growing up you had myspace and later on facebook to get the word out. You should also remember what people did before these two mega platforms hit the scene - they talk to other people, dare I say, In Person! lol All jokes aside, one of the most memorable ways to let someone know about anything is to tell them face to face. This direct interaction triggers a deeper connection to what you are saying or showing a person far more than any facebook invite or flier tossed about.

Interacting with people directly will strengthen connections you already have and likely start a pretty good one with people you're just meeting. It's the difference seeing information about your favorite musician, dancer, or other versus having a short and sweet chat on the street. The latter will stay with you longer for sure so make sure you use these opportunities wisely.

2. Facebook

This is still without a doubt a great way to get the word out on what you're doing. Cover all of your bases with this one.

For events you are promoting, create a facebook event page and send invites to all of your friends, group members and page followers. On the event page make sure you have picture or flyer with details of your event. This will make it easier for people to remember and spot if they need to find it among their other invites. Have all the location information posted within the event page details. Facebook will include a map of the address making it yet easier for your guests to find where it is. Make sure you also include details on price and any specials that night!

Promoting other things about you may require a little more creativity. Some of the things you can do regardless of what you are trying to let people know about is, make a banner tailored to your promo, make a status update with an invitation to dialog (sharing the update or post on other's profile can be spammy), or create an advertisement.

3. Make A Video!

Vimeo and Youtube are great for video promotion. If you don't already have a following on youtube I might suggest vimeo for this tactic. Visually, I have always been a fan of vimeo at least a little more than youtube. It just seemed more simple and artsy but that's a preference. Create some engaging video about your latest promotion then post it on your website, facebook and leave the link or a QR code for it on your fliers.

Since youtube is more popular, you may get more people that stumble across your video on youtube as well as opportunities to post it on more sites than you would with vimeo. Either way, it's your call (there are pros and cons to everything!)

If tomorrow brings another social network or some other next big thing we can't even fathom right now make sure you remember some key things to always apply:

1. Don't be scared! Okay, being scared happens once in a while but its your stuff and if you don't tell people about it who will?! Be proud of what you've accomplished and want to share!

2. Don't Spam People! No one like to be spammed so make sure you give people a break.

3. Don't Make Everything About You! The person that can do nothing but talk about themselves will not win over many others if for no other reasons than that's boring or it may come across as arrogant. Don't be that person. Share, better yet, exchange with people. Share some of you and then ask others about them. You'll get a lot more friends, supporters and connections out of any interaction online or otherwise that way.


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