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The Best iPhone Games

Updated on July 12, 2011

Games. They pass the time. We enjoy them; getting lost in a virtual world. It used to be that the gaming world was dominated by the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo; it used to be. Who would of thought that Apple could change all that with a cell phone. Some of the best iPhone applications are games; check go to the top ten list of the app store and you'll see at least four of those being an iPhone game.

Not all the games are good, however. You need to know where to look and what to expect. The best iPhone games, at times, are the simplest.

Here is a list of the best iPhone games (I chose the best iPhone games from five specific categories).



Game: Doom Classic

Price: $5.00

You can't go wrong with Doom Classic. It's a classic game brought into the palm of your hand. The price isn't cheap, but your paying for one of the best iPhone games - and you're getting high quality. The fact is sometimes nostalgia is a great thing.


Music and Puzzle

Game: Prism

Price: $3.00

This little game has taken the iPhone app store by storm. Now one of the most popular iPhone applications of all time, Trism - for only $3 - is a unique puzzle game that is both simple and addicting. This is, without a doubt, one of the best iPhone games.


Racing and Sports

Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Price: $5.00

Without a doubt the best sports game on the iPhone and one of the best iPhone games of all time. For $5 you can get access to dozens of different courses and playable course, and with a control scheme that is simple - as well as great graphics - the game is a must have. It has the highest quality over other sports games and can pass the time nicely.


Strategy and Simulation

Game: Flight Control

Price: $1.00

One of the most addicting game you'll ever play on the iPhone. Use your fingers to control the path of planes as they come into an airport. The goal? Land all of them smoothly without any collisions. It's easy as first but can get very hard. The best part? Only $1 in the iPhone application store. One of my favorites and surely one of the best iPhone games.


Role Playing

Game: Vay

Price: $5.00

Classic dungeon crawling. Magic. Monsters. Enough said. The best role playing iPhone game, and one of the best iPhone games.



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    • SharkFuel profile image

      SharkFuel 7 years ago

      I like games connected with racing and sports. So, selecting among the best iPhone apps listed here I would probably give a preference to Tiger Woods PGA Tour. By the way, thanks, vanchen, for providing us with all these great iPhone app suggestions. Great work!

    • profile image

      Cody 7 years ago

      You guys might try checking out the iPhone and iPad game review site, iPhone Gamer Blog. They do daily reviews of all of the newest games.