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Tips to download torrent files more efficiently

Updated on May 6, 2011

Torrent files are considered as one of the best ways to share files between different systems. Using torrents you can share large files with your friends and with those you do not even know. There is a lot of sites allowing you to download torrent files of most of the files that you want like movies. For downloading a file using its torrent file, you will need a torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent etc. Here I am sharing the tips to increase the download speed in these torrent clients

Check for enough seeds and peers

Actually you need to check for the seed/peer ratio. Seeds are users who completed the download of the file and now uploading there content through torrent client. Peers are users who are downloading along with you at the current time. The higher the ratio of seeds/peers the better it is. Also if a torrent file has only peers and no seeds then that download is not going to complete as nobody has the full file with them

Be careful with the firewall

Firewall in your system may block torrent download client. So you need to either add the torrent downloading software as an exception in firewall or disable the firewall

Limit the number of simultaneous downloads

Limit the number of simultaneous downloads to 2. If you have more than this to download, put them in queue. If you put a lot of files to download, mostly what will happen is nothing will finish download, but they will remain as seeds for other downloaders. The result will be mostly uploading instead of downloading. Every connection will have a maximum bandwidth. If you are aware of the bandwidth and your torrent downloading software cannot achieve that limit, then only try increasing the number of files put in download

Enable encryption

Enabling encryption will increase your torrent download speed. You can find this option in uTorrent in options>preferences>bitTorrent. Try enabling it. If you are not finding any improvement, you can disable it. Encryption will block throttling ISPs from limiting traffic in bitTorrent protocol.

Change the default ports

Changing the default ports will improve your torrent speed. This is because, usually ISPs limit the traffic in default ports. If you are using another port, they will not limit the traffic in this port. Also you can try port forwarding. For details just google it.

Maximum download speed and upload speed

In torrent clients there is an option to adjust maximum download and upload speed. Both of these will be set at unlimited by default. But if you have a limited bandwidth or if you have to pay after a certain download limit to your ISP provider. It will be better to set the upload speed to a minimal value like 2KB/s. Actually this will limit other users from taking the parts you downloaded. It is against the very concept of torrent downloading. But if you do not have an unlimited connection, there is nothing wrong in setting this. Also in this case of limited bandwidth, you can remove fully downloaded torrents from downloading software. But this will prevent others from taking the parts you downloaded. There is a rumour that you can get only a download speed of 110percent of your upload speed. This is not true. you can get a download speed depending on your bandwidth independent of your upload speed


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