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To all the proud iPhone owners - Beware of the iPhone SMS Hack

Updated on May 6, 2010

While iPhones are now the ultimate tech gadget worldwide, a fashion statement, a measure of class, even, in some societies, a new hack - iPhone SMS hack was recently revealed that may get iPhone users to scale back on their use. A quick look up on some trade and tech sites with a marketplace shows that the iPhone is hot property. People are outbidding each other for the latest 3GS model. This bodes bad news for Apple. It may even disparage other phone users who are currently using older models who desire to make the switch to the ever popular iPhone. Or, may be, it's time you look for iPhone Alternatives!

The scariest thing: the iPhone can be hacked by easily sending a text message (SMS). The vulnerability of currently the most popular mobile phone in the world has sent shockwaves across the internet world, particularly the hackers.


iPhone Hack
iPhone Hack

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, a convention where hacking geeks, experts and researchers get together to discuss newly exposed security loopholes and flaws, news of the iPhone hack has got researchers scrambling to discuss on the matter before the conference ends.
    So how does the hack work? All the attacker needs is the victim’s phone number. With it, the attacker then sends an sms to the victim’s iPhone. Within a matter of minutes, the attacker will have full absolute control over the victim’s iPhone. The attacker can use any applications, make calls, steal data, turn on the camera, turn on the microphone, basically, the iPhone will be at the whim at the attacker. Worse still, the attacker can then attack friends of the victim with iPhones. This is done by sending the same virus-tagged sms out to the victim’s whole contact list. The loophole basically makes use of a memory corruption bug in the iPhone.

To the victim, the only way to know if someone is hacking your iPhone will be an sms on your iPhone that contains a single square character. You will then notice you will be barred from making or receiving any calls from your iPhone. The only solution to this hack is by physically turning off your iPhone and rebooting it again. That renders the hack useless and for the hack to work again, the attacker has to send the sms again. While this means that the hack can be easily countered, its consequences are serious and could be absolutely damaging. The attacker could easily send the viral sms while you have your iPhone on silent mode and steal important data while you are oblivious to it. The attacker could then make international phone calls, calls costing an arm and a leg and you would only know about it when your large bill comes.

The sad yet scary revelation to this is that Apple was made known to this security flaw as much as six weeks ago but have not even bothered to release a statement on it, nor has a fix been made known to the technological world as of yet.

So, Apple, before everyone dumps their iPhone for the more reliable yet less fancy other phones in the market, isn’t it time for a fix?


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    • profile image

      My iPhone 4 SMS has been hacked 6 years ago

      My iPhone has been hacked from some one and I didn't know until I received a huge bill. What happens? The phone sending SMS without showing any clue , when I checked my sent box there is no SMS has been sent. My phone jailbroke and sim unlocked. I restore my phone I hope it's fixed because I will never know until go abroad .

    • profile image

      Wendy 6 years ago

      I guess my phone has been hacked.. As I have received a single square character SMS stating "ex. A has been hacked by B" it actually shows the person's name who hacked mu phone. Wat does tis mean..?

    • profile image

      Michael Murdock 8 years ago

      and now the OS is updated and the hack is beaten and the losers have to go back and figure out another way to waste our time and yours since you wrote this article. LOL

    • profile image

      Alonso E 8 years ago

      Let us all be aware of those hackers. We wouldn't know that we are victim unless our phone were hacked. Well, we all knew it was bound to happen – there is an iPhone virus floating around, at least reportedly. (And no, we do not mean the iPhone itself or its marketing.) An iPhone virus has begun circulating through a text message that will instantly hack your accounts that you access through the phone, and the iPhone SMS hack is being fingered for some identity thefts, and victims using payday loans to cover damage. There will be future iPhone hacks (besides Apple) to be sure, and the procedure is that if you get the fraudulent message, turn off your phone immediately. You don't want to need cash advances to cover damage done by the iPhone virus.