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Vodafone Cover Me Insurance for Apple iPhone

Updated on July 18, 2011

Why Apple iPhone Insurance

Are you looking for a phone with insurance cover, or do you need a cover for your phone,  if your answer is yes then Vodafone CoverMe Insurance will be ideal for your Apple iPhone. Buying a Vodafone CoverMe Insurance has got many advantages that you will enjoy; it comes with so many benefits for Apple iPhone Users

For only £12.99 per month you will be entitled to the following cover

No payment for your first month subscription

Theft and Loss

If you happened to loose your phone through theft and and any circumstances your iPhone will be replaced immediately by courier with the shortest time possible depending on your location, the normal replace time is normally within 24 hours. You iPhone will be replaced by a similar phone of up to a limit of £1000. This one of the best deal about insuring your iPhone with the Vodafone CoverMe Insurance, The package is ideal where theft is rampant and you are in constant fear of losing your Apple iPhone, you will have your phone immediately within 24 hours after making your claims. Protect your iPhone against theft go for Vodafone Cover Me Insurance package

Malicious or accidental damage

If someone happened to have damaged your phone, then Vodafone Cover Me Insurance will take care of the damage, we have so many instances that our Apple iPhone normally get damaged by people knowingly or unknowingly, the iPhone Vodafone Insurance will enable your phone to be repaired where possible and if not your iPhone will be replaced with a similar one of up to a value of £1000. Do not worry for any malicious damage on your iPhone the Vodafone iPhone cover will sort things out

iPhone Insurance

iPhone Accessories

Your iPhone normally comes with its accessories that include headset, speakers or memory card? The Vodafone covered for up to £200 if your accessories are lost or damaged at the same time as your phone; if the damaged happened at the same time with your iPhone Handset then you are cover for your accessories

Worldwide trips - holidays without the stress of worrying about your phone. Enjoy up to 30 days cover for every overseas trip. This is for those who likes to travel a lot while carrying there valuable iPhone, be it for business you will enjoy all the coverage while on holiday

“Vodafone Cover Me is an insurance policy provided by ACE European Group Ltd. This is a summary of cover please make sure you read the full terms and conditions at,”


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    • profile image

      Sammy Hidelburg 6 years ago

      New iPhone 5 coming soon. This September hopefully!

    • profile image 7 years ago from Galveston, Texas

      I'm definately getting the iphone 4 and have it insured. Just did my first review on hubpages about my old mac pro. let me know what you think and if you like, follow

    • profile image

      Simon 7 years ago

      Whynot get independent specialist iPhone insurance - you can Google for "iphone insurance and find the top ones. They dont cover loss but theft and damage is covered