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Web Sensations and Internet Noise Makers

Updated on May 6, 2011

Here are some hot video clips from some fantastic people

Let the fireworks begin...
Let the fireworks begin...

Green Porno Videos

Rosselini’s Green Porno

The latest toast of the internet is somewhat odd yet entertaining and hmmm, educational too, so as to speak. Isabella Rosselini erected herself as one of the most popular green porno artist as she highlighted the unchartered territory and not previously well-documented sexual behaviors of various living creatures.

Her “Green Porno” short films are now a worldwide hit, as it showcases how insects and ocean life reproduce with just a low-budget filmmaking bolstered by old school arts and crafts.

Her novelty she made truly helped her carved out a niche in the internet.

The films gives audience new view about the reproductive habits of some living things like bugs, barnacles, shrimp, starfish, dragonfly, squid and anchovy.

The films written and co-directed by Rossellini herself offers bold, new and creative approach in filmmaking as she wears different costumes, uses props, cameo actors and actresses and backgrounds to simulate the habitat of animals in an animated way, and would narrate in details how she would mate if she were a specie of a fish or an insect, hehehe, tough act to follow indeed, yet it works wonderfully like a magic.

Rosselini utilizes two objectives: Make the best out of the available budget you have and create good films that could be a good source of viewing even with cellphones and other portable devices.

“We couldn’t photograph real sets, because there’s too many colors, too many things going, so it had to be almost two-dimensional, too many things going, so it had to be almost two-dimensional, cartoon looking,” Rossellini said in an interview by Toronto Film Festival.

The famous video clip that was viewed more than 120 million times and counting.

The Phenomenal Charlie Bit me Mini-Video Flick.

This video that features two British kids having some great moments together took the world by storm. With more than 128 million views in the YouTube this one of a kind video clip was indeed a blue chip.

This video charmed the world with crisp British accent and brotherly companionship. This is a must see video and for sure you’ll replay this video over and over again when you happen to see it or download it from the internet for the first time, and before you knew it you’re sending the links to your friends for them to see this whale of a gem video clip.

The Cebu City Inmates Dancing Michael Jackson's Thriller

Cebu City Inmates Says Lets Dance.

Cebu City became an instant hit when inmates of its city jail, joined forces and dance their way to global web stardom with a well-choreographed and well-rehearsed dance numbers provided by the inmates that took a lot of days to practice.


Moymoy Palaboy Dancing the Latest Craze Nobody (Nobody but you)

Moymoy Palaboy Says Ahoy!

Want a new taste of different genre of how to laugh good and loud hehehehe, here’s for you Moymoy Palaboy’s videos that will surely sweep your feet to amusement. Philippines giggled with this new comical antics provided by this two awesome tandem. This showcase of truly unique and refreshing talent catapulted these two real brothers to stardom in the Philippines and even in the internet.

The woman that wowed the world with scintillating rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream."

Susan Boyle's performing in UK's You Got Talent.
Susan Boyle's performing in UK's You Got Talent.

Susan Boyle, UK’s You Got Talent Sensation

It’s so surprising to see a simple 47-year old woman with unassuming looks could pull out a stunning performance capped with outstanding singing voice that can be mistaken as an angel’s. Her elegance and truly mesmerizing rendition of Les Miserables’ song I dreamed a Dream was a phenomenal and a class act as she captivated millions of people around the world few months ago. Now her dreams are indeed a reality and her fairy-tale story of making it to worldwide fame is indeed heartwarming and inspirational.


My 11th hub in the HubChallenge (second batch)

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    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      9 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Hehehe yeah their duo is indeed one of the hottest in the country, I even them saw them perform here in ourplace and they are really good no dull moment hehehehe... Thanks for dropping by Ma'm.

    • bingskee profile image


      9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      first time i saw moymoy palaboy video, i was amazed. the duo got natural talent!


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