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Why YouTube is so Popular

Updated on March 13, 2013


Facebook, Google and Yahoo are the big three in the realms of the internet nowadays, throw in the fast catching YouTube and you have a bunch of monsters prowling the web. YouTube is the world’s most famous in terms of video streaming and have had entertained a vast number of people from all walks of life from all over the world. They have a wide collection of video clips, homemade videos, movie trailers, music videos and the list goes on. Moreover they are engineers of numerous videos that gone viral for the past many years already changing the lives of many people. They are the source of inspiration for numerous individuals too.

Here are the reasons why YouTube is so popular and its legion of followers continues to swell as time goes by:


Since YouTube built a good reputation as a reliable source of information via the numerous videos uploaded on their site.

They are one of the favorites PR marketing arm and blog or website owners all over the world. And as a result YouTube is one of the best choice when it comes to endorsing products, blogs and websites. And if you are very lucky your uploaded video(s) might as well catch fire and soon enough traffic will be generated to your sites creating seas of great opportunities.

They are loaded with controversial videos which can be very enticing to see.

They have the sound track, info and news about your favorite song(s) or singer(s). Justin Bieber which is touted to be the next Michael Jackson has video here that was viewed many millions times already.

Sporting news and happenings from all four corners of the planet are uploaded here and it is great to see them freshly uploaded by sports fans and aficionados.

YouTube is a complete source of information you might in need of from something which is funny to something that is dramatic, from gardening to electronics, from various home tips to cooking, and from health to almost anything under the sun. Name your keywords and it is mostly likely they have something to offer.

YouTube can be addictive, since you can be diverted from one video stream to another, the possibilities of seeing worthwhile videos seemed endless here.

You can able to see videos here that wasn’t been shown before and you can call this as “spontaneously” awesome. Besides, YouTube is loaded with the so called “element of surprise”.

You can be part of the pandemonium here are as you can posts your own video by uploading some on their site, which can give you an experience like no other.

YouTube can help you travel back in the yesteryears, lets you reminisce the good old times with the look and feel of the past.

The site can make everyone travel in places that they haven’t been before.

YouTube is slowly becoming part of many people’s lives, since it is loaded with almost any video that can be useful to them. Since many people would like to see the happenings in visual images, YouTube was able to pounce on this and as a result they have acquired billions of page views a day and throng of followers which is hungry for information and entertainment.


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