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Product Review of Latest Laptops and Notebooks

Updated on April 27, 2013

Here are some of the latest models of laptops and notebooks available.

The desktop computer was once upon a time the powerhouse in PC sales but now they are slowly losing ground in the taste of demanding consumers, no thanks to its numerous wiring, immobility and rapid depreciation of its market value as time goes by. Notebooks and laptops are emerging as the favorites as they corner a huge chunk of the PC sales worldwide. But still, it is the Laptop computers that have been tagged as the undisputed kingpins in the realms of luxurious PC competition. Laptop computers have gone very attractive over the years; it is not just colorful and trendy but also packed with enormous features that can surely spellbound potential PC buyers. PC makers’ battle cry is to make the prettiest laptops to take advantage of the continued growth in sales worldwide. HP obviously not wanting to be left behind with the fierce competition unveiled its newest laptop which is pampered with consummate form and equipped with functions that could easily make as an envy of competition. In an event held in Singapore, the inch-thick laptop the Envy showcased and described to be “the new sub-brand of HP that truly embodies high-end technology fused with luxury.” Egged on as luxury laptop, the Envy highlights a chassis made completely of lightweight and well-built aluminum and magnesium alloy, and a only one of its kind metal etching on the lid and palm rest that offers a convincing metal look as well as prolific feel.

Lo and Behold, the Envy Laptop Computers...

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Envy is indeed remarkable as it is equipped with a Core 2 Duo processor (for the Envy with 13-inch display) and Core i7 processors (for the 15-inch display), which are the most recent, fastest and most power proficient processors from Intel, in other words, your precious earnings is worth the price in a very convincing fashion.

The 13-inch Envy is armed with HP proprietary Radiance Display technology that enables its LCD twice brighter than that of the display of other laptops in the same category.

Aside from the HP Bright View High-Definition LED backlit display, the 15.6-inch Envy has distinct ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830 graphics, that is , the first graphics processors based on the 40 nm technology that brings out 3D engines making the laptop ideal for exhaustive functions, Direct 10X games, and high definition video playback.

The Envy notebooks highlights the most recent DDR3 memory modules and ability for solid state drives with RAID configuration for enhanced speed in managing data.

A major advantage for the free installed full versions of Corel Photo and Video for making digital content, HP Beats music application, a high performance sub-system managing video and music content.

The HP Mini Laptop

HP Probook 5310m

HP Pavilion dm1

Another powerhouse laptop is the latest limited edition HP Mini designed by popular industrial engine Tord Boontje. The HP Mini created a stir as its laptop design is the first such device to have a three-dimensional (3D) impression on its lid cove, a technology enhanced by HP that brings about only one of its kind as far as depth and effect on the blueprint of the top cover of the fabulous HP Mini is concerned.

The new HP Mini is a lace up pattern of flora and endangered animals as seen in 3D. The pattern spatters over onto the palm rest and touch pad of the notebook.

Power-driven by Intel Atom and armed with 1-gig DDR2 (upgradeable), the new HP Mini boasts off a 10.1-inch mercury-free LED display, a 92-percent full sized keyboard, and built-in tools such as Windows Live Writer and Seesmic social networking desktop client, which allow users immediate access to trendy networking sites.

HP has also launched more models of ultra-slim laptops with clear-cut design and looks and is powered by Intel and AMD processors.

The HP Pro-Book 5310m is a super slim full performance notebook that is only 0.93 inches thin. Weighing just only 1.2 kilos, it boasts a 13.3-inch diagonal LED high definition display and comes in sturdy black anodized aluminum and magnesium frame casing. Aiming its sight on business users, the HP ProBook 5310m is superbly built with a dominant Intel Core 2 Duo processor or an Intel Celeron Dual-Core ultra low voltage processor and expected to deliver a whopping eight hours of battery life.

Not to be outdone is the HP Pavilion dm1and dm3 are a very thin stylish consumer notebook that integrates the handy features of a mini notebook and the usefulness of full-featured notebook.

The 11.6-inch HP Pavilion dm1 weighs 1.36 kilos and highlights a choice between Intel Celeron Dual Core processor or a Intel Pentium Processor. Only An inch thin and weighing only about 1.91 kilos, the HP Pavilion dm3 features a lightweight, brushed aluminum chassis and comes with multiple processor and graphics options, including the latest Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Neo Dual-Core processor and Intel unified ATI or NVIDIA discrete graphics.

“Design is not just about what the computer looks like even what it does for us. It’s also about the PC,” quips Chua Hwee Koon, mobile business unit, personal systems group, HP Asia Pacific and Japan Vice President., and added “We look at every opportunity to [come up with] the ‘wow’ factor that surprises and delights people.”

My second hub in the November HubChallenge (Third batch)


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