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Why Buy A Flip Video Camera

Updated on November 16, 2013

Let's Flip!


The Ultra HD flip camera is a product of the Kodak Company, developed with the same technology of the HD flip camera and with few developments. The developments were aimed at making a product that not only ensured quality video and pictures but was also multi-purpose and easy to use. Many who have used the flip camera have given the product glowing reviews. The company is noting increased demand for the new flip camera. Although there are some challenges experienced by individuals using the product, they are quite few and so far apart that they are slowly becoming insignificant. Purchasers of the Ultra HD flip camera can expect good service with quality production and less hassle than they have experienced with past products.


The first and most notable feature of the ultra HD flip camera is the increased recording time. The camera and camcorder offers a recording time of two hours. Normal flip cameras offer a recording time of an hour or less. Often individuals complain that they are not able to cover full functions be they family or for just entertainment. The normal flip cameras require the person to download the information gathered every hour. This is very inconveniencing especially if you do not have a computer with you. In addition, you are required to do editing even as you continue recording to create space and time for more important and better clips. With the Ultra HD camera however, you will find that you can record fuller clips. The two hour recording space gives you a chance to cover full functions exclusively without down loading any of the clips. Furthermore, you can also edit the clips at your own time since you have more recording time. Surveys have indicated that one hundred and twenty minutes is the average recording time for any functions whether personal or professional.


The Ultra HD flip camera is easy to use even for novices in recording video. The camera has done away with the touch buttons that had made the camera too sensitive and technical for people. Often people complained that the touch buttons made use of the camera quite inconvenient and difficult. People found themselves deleting clips without intending to do so, accessing information and data they did not need and even switching off the camera while they were still recording. The return of the real operation buttons comes as a relief to the users of the flip camera. The screen used by the flip camera is also developed to a 960*240. The screen resolution makes it easier to get clearer pictures and develop quality video clips. The screen is slightly above 2 inches, makes it easier for people to see the recording and maintain good view even from a distance. In addition the two inch clearer screen can be rotated fully and easily making it easier to cover a wider view and many sections of the function.  With the real buttons, larger screen and clearer resolution, the camera is certainly an improvement to previous Kodak products.


The ultra HD camera stores enough power to record and stay on for some hours. The camera not only has the AA batteries but also the NiMH battery pack. The pack increases the power storage capacity of the camera. The flip camera also has added some new features that include power storage of the camera where the camera turns off some idle features that cut into the power capacity storage. With both the batter pack and power storage capacity the Ultra HD camera is ideal for outdoor activities and traveling. The batteries can be recharged and power usage can be switched constantly from the stored battery pack to the AA batteries. This means that in case power runs out away from a place you can recharge, you can use the AA batteries which can be replaced from wherever you are. In addition, the camera comes with a chargeable port that allows it to draw power from your computer. With these the consumers find the camera to be more convenient in addition to being functional. Now you no longer need to worry about the power running out while you are recording or working with the camera.

Do You Flipshare?


The flipshare software used by the Ultra HD camera can be loaded to any computer. The software is compatible with almost all computer software and is actually loaded into the camera. Once you plug in the camera into the computer, the software loads itself. You can therefore use the camera with any computer you own and those you do not even own. Previously there have been complaints that consumers were unable to access photos and download computers to their computers because they did not have the camera software which was in the form of a CD rom. In addition the flip camera software was not compatible with most of the computer software programs. With the new model of flip camera, computer software be it Windows vista, Windows 2007 or even Windows XP is now compatible.


The Ultra HD camera can produce videos in HD which is fast proving to be its most attractive feature. It should be noted that other cameras with HD recording capabilities are quite large and often difficult to transport. People find the cameras quite difficult to handle or even use. On the other hand, the Ultra HD camera is quite small and easy to transport and carry around. It does not act as extra baggage but in fact is quite manageable even with the HD recording capabilities.

The flip camera is not only easy to use, but also allows people to upload videos directly whether it is to the website by selecting specific clips. Whether you are uploading the videos to twitter or other social networks, sharing with friends and families or just plainly recording important memories for your own collection, the Ultra HD camera has made all this easy. With the camera one can produce as many DVDs as you wish with the same clip and in a short period of time with no hassle.


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  • Randy M. profile image

    Randy McLaughlin 5 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

    Hi, nice review. Do you know if the camera works on a macbook? You mention it is compatible with windows computers.