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Windows 8 features

Updated on June 13, 2011

The latest version of windows currently available in market is windows 7. But in 2012 the next version of windows is going to come. There is a lot of speculations spreading about the upcoming version of windows. In consumer electronics show (CES) 2011 at las vegas Microsoft released certain clues about the upcoming OS. Let us check in detail

Announced features

According to Microsoft in CES the next version of windows is most likely to be called as windows 8. It will support SOC(System on Chip) architecture and mobile ARM processors in addition to the current support to x86 architecture. It shows that next version of windows will be universal in case of supporting different hardware. One thing is sure that in an attempt make the hardware supporting over different platforms there is a huge chance that Microsoft will to adopt some features of windows phone 7. So in windows 8 you can expect some features of windows phone 7. Most of the people thought windows is going to end by the flop version of windows windows vista. But Microsoft came back more strongly with current version of windows windows 7. Now the future of Microsoft will depend on the next version.

Expected features or rumors

Surely next version of windows will be bundled with internet explorer 10.Current internet explorer 9 supports HTML 5 the latest development in web technology decreasing the need for flash to make your sites more dynamic. According to some leaked resources Internet exploer 10 will be more faster, clean and will offer more good web browsing experience. The aero interface that came through windows vista and that retained in windows 7 will continue in next version of windows also.

There are some more speculations about windows 8 that are hard to believe. There was a news that windows is working on 128 bit version of OS. Also more facilities like booting very fast almost instantly. Features like detecting physical bodies near to the screen(will require additional hardware) something more than facial recognition which already can be achieved through softwares in windows 7. Also an application store or software store is going to come for windows applications also like android market or apple app store. The chance for having a dock facility in windows 8 is very high where you can dock shortcuts of applications. In current versions of windows it can be achieved only through additional installed applications.

These are pure speculations only. The only thing that we can do is to wait and see. Anyway it is going to be very decisive for Microsoft as the number of operating systems is increasing in the market. Later only Linux and Mac OS was the contestants. But now with the latest growth in technology with reduced size of hardware and new range of products like tablets and super phones computer industry is facing serious modifications that we cannot even predict. Due to this mobile and tablet operating systems like android and iOS are becoming competition for windows 8.

Surely the only thing that we can do is just wait and see because technology is growing that fast crossing the predictability limits. But one thing is there that you can tell for sure, that is Micorsoft will try to expand its hold to all form factors other than just computer and laptop like phone, tablets, netbooks and whatever that is available


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