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Find out the Advanced Techniques for SEO

Updated on January 10, 2012
Advanced SEO leads to increase of traffic
Advanced SEO leads to increase of traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a perfect science, if it can be called that at all. There are degrees or diplomas that are handed out upon completion of an SEO course, not internationally recognized ones at least. So, when talking of advanced techniques for SEO, we are saying that these techniques are the ones that showed the best results or are the most favorably used by SEO professionals.

The Techniques

The techniques listed below are not secrets or magical formulas. They are known all over the internet by anyone who would take the time to search for them. The magical thing, if there is such a thing, is that in order to see dramatic results they should be used together and should be constantly improved upon – as time goes by everything will go out of date.

So, without further ado, some of the most popular advanced SEO techniques are:

- Google, your dearest friend1: No, this is not to suggest digging the dirt on acquaintances, but rather making the best out of the best SEO tool out there: Google. Ever since the new instant search was started by Google, it has become one of the best keyword search tool.

E.g.: When typing in the keywords you want to use, say ‘Computer’ Google will automatically list other choices that the world has been searching for using you selected keyword. This can be a great way to finding ideas and keywords that are actually being searched for.

- Don’t wander off2: Google loves pages that are on the front of websites. It will give higher ranking to pages that are on the first levels of the domain ( than one that is lower down the hierarchy ( So if possible try to keep pages on the first level and go further only if you have to. Unless you intend to …

- Build a Silo3: ‘Building a silo’ while still building something doesn’t mean that you will be launching anything from or storing anything in it. A ‘silo’ is the structure that is created when there is a landing page, which has 3 pages under it, say Pages 1-3 and then these will have pages underneath them, but they will be connected amongst each other with links pointing all the way back to the front page from any given page. This method is also known as ‘internal linking’ and is a real gem of a tool and will definitely push rankings upwards.

- Facebook and Twitter4: if there is one thing these two social media networks have taught us it is that they are one of the surest ways of getting word out – some people have even started revolutions using just these two weapons. Anyone not using these sites to send feeds, likes tweets feedbacks and shares about a web site he or she is administrating is really losing on a very big potential income.

On a final note, as mentioned earlier using these four SEO techniques and changing them whenever the results start to wane can bring in amazing results. All that needs to be kept in mind is that SEO is a full time job … no one said it would be easy!

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2- Instant Position:

3- User Driven Change:

4- Web Traffic SEO:


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