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Can anyone tell me if heating coils in the ceiling to heat your home or apartment are illegal?

I live in an apartment that was built in the late 1960's and they still heat it with heating coils in the ceiling. My electric bills are enormus if I heat the whole apartment and we have tried to get them to put baseboard heaters in. The heating coils are in the ceilings between 22 apartments. The idea was if I put mine on then it heats the upper half of my apartment and half of the upstairs apartment and so forth and so forth. The idea screws up if one apartment doesn't heat their ceiling and uses a floor heater so someone doesn't get their heat. I pay a lot of money and I am still cold .


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Raye (relache) says

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5 years ago
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    Susan Britton (suzzycue) 5 years ago

    Thank you relache for all your information and comments today. Your input has helped a lot.

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