Arguments against programming a link to open in a new window

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    B. Leekleyposted 5 years ago

    Some months ago a hubber I follow shared a hub that advocated adding the HTML attribute and value target="_blank" to links, saying that that keeps a reader at your page even while a link takes hir elsewhere in the Web, because that added code makes a link open in a new window. I shared the hub with that clever idea with my followers and edited all my links to include target="_blank". The Hubpages software that double-checks HTML did not object, showing that using that attribute is acceptable. I tested each link that I changed, and each opened in a new window. I was pleased.

    Lately, though, I have been reading arguments against using target="_blank".  See for instance: … ute/19924/ … ab-window/

    Those arguments convinced me, so today I edited my hubs and deleted target="_blank" from their links.

    While reading about the issue, I learned that the current versions of the major web browsers have a feature that if you hold down Shift while clicking a link, the link will open in a new window, and if you hold down Ctrl while clicking a link, the link will open in a new tab -- unless of course whoever put in a link added code to take away those options. By deleting target="_blank" from my links, I returned the power of choice to visitors to my hubs.

    I have been using computers for several decades, and I was unaware of those tricks for opening a link in a new window or new tab by holding Shift or Ctrl, so I expect that lots of people who know about navigating with the browser back arrow are not aware of those tricks -- which I love. So I've been adding a short navigation tips text capsule or sidebar near the top of my hubs.

    Are the arguments against using target="_blank" convincing?

    What should be included in such a navigation tips text capsule or sidebar?

    If I use the same navigation tips text in every hub, will I get in trouble for having duplicate content?

    Should a sidebar telling about links navigation options be something that the HubPages system provides?

    I came upon one blog post that wondered if search engines don't like links with the target attribute in them, but I could find nothing more about that. Anyone know?