Info on how a PC works

  1. nick071438 profile image55
    nick071438posted 5 years ago

    Situation 1:  Personal computer (PC) is closed for 24 hours.
    Will it be able to receive e-mails and other transactions from fellow hubbers, users?  If yes, kindly
    explain the technology involved.

    Situation 2:  Transfer of communication, other matters from PC to PC.
    Readers from Russia, USA, UK and practically from all points of the earth are monitored viewing
    our hubs.  What is the technology involved.  Do computers emit signals through the airwaves enabling
    people from other lands to avail our works.

    Please share with me your knowledge and expertise on this very vital concern.

  2. wilderness profile image97
    wildernessposted 5 years ago

    No, a computer that is turned off won't receive any emails.  What you CAN do, though, is visit the email provider you use the next morning and ask for the emails that it is collected and stored while you were asleep.  As an analogy, consider snail mail.  If you stay in bed all day you won't get that, either. You must walk out to the mail box the next day and retrieve what the postal service has stored in your mailbox for you.

    The signal from your computer will go to your IP (internet provider) and from there to hubpages (if you want to see a hub).  It travels via phone lines as well as radio signals, via satellite if necessary.  Your signal carries an identification code that allows the signal to be tracked back to you, which is why we can tell where it is coming from.