Are you concerned about the loss of privacy with Google's monopoly?

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  1. ptosis profile image62
    ptosisposted 6 years ago

    Consumer Watchdog, petitioned FTC

        Google should be forced to disgorge its monopolistic gains through the imposition of substantial financial penalties.  Your change in policy regarding disgorgement over the summer was a welcome step and we urge you to apply it in this case. The payment would have to be significant enough to impact Google future behavior. Google hardly blinked when it paid half a billion dollars to the United States to settle an illegal drug sales case. The proposed $22.5 million fine for violating the BuzzConsent Decree is but pocket change for the Internet giant. Perhaps the amount disgorged could be tied to paying back consumers for monetizing their private information and content without asking them permission or compensating them. - … gle/52072/

    censorship, misuse, manipulation of search results, intellectual property, privacy violations, monopoly,

  2. Pearldiver profile image80
    Pearldiverposted 6 years ago

    No wonder everyone enjoys courting their policies... they get to pick up the 'crumbs' albeit manipulated and possibly stale crumbs!  So much for your Anti-Trust 'Laws' roll

  3. grand old lady profile image83
    grand old ladyposted 6 years ago

    My life is an open book and I got nuttin to hide. Doesn't mean someday some horrible person will take advantage of all this info and make us a world of slaves or whatever. But then again someone bought out Yahoo, and it's likely that many will start going to Yahoo because sometimes Google is too crowded and it gets real slow. Altho I don't know if that has anything to do with privacy.

    1. ptosis profile image62
      ptosisposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It not a matter of having something to hid, it's a matter of you have no choice unless unplug aka the Amish

      1. atechwiz profile image69
        atechwizposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Do you really believe that you have privacy anyway?  If you are online, you have no privacy.  Does that mean Google should have the right to do what they want?  No, but when it comes to privacy I am sure Google is not the number one entity that should be of concern.  I am not a conspiracy nut but I am sure the government keeps better tabs on people than Google does. 
        Then again, maybe the government uses Google...haha.

        1. ptosis profile image62
          ptosisposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          The gov't does use google & facebook.

          Domain Awareness System (DAS) aggregates and analyzes public information in real time that will produce comprehensive reports to be used by NYPD to ascertain potential threats and pre-crime activity.

          I remember when libraries kept an account of all the book you've take out. but then the patriot act wanted that info so the librarians deleted all info in an effort to comply - by not having any records to turn over.

          When head of the CIA Petraeus  can't maintain his privacy, nobody else has a chance. Petraeus evidently failed to consider the privacy implications of a change Google made to Gmail in 2008.  You would think these smart guys would use PGP in their email but Gmail save EVERYTHING - even if you delete it.

          Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')

          Notice how it is in picture and not in text?

          Hah! TSA asked me to take off my head scarf at the airport! Why? to see if I was islamist. - Whatta a bunch of fkg moronic a$$holes. Et Al doesn't doesn't that stupid stuff - they interview each passenger.

  4. Sapper profile image70
    Sapperposted 6 years ago

    Google's Adwords is top because nobody can offer what they can. From the standpoint of placing ads, Facebook is fairly comparable. If you spend $5 a day on Facebook vs $5 a day on Google, your return will be pretty close to the same. The main difference is Google pays it's publishers, while Facebook doesn't. If someone visits my fan page and clicks on an ad, Facebook gets money, but I don't get anything. But if someone clicks on one of my ads on my blog, Google not only pays me for it, but pays me a bigger piece of the pie than what they keep. That has nothing to do with Anti-trust, that's Facebook being greedy.

    The only other real "competitor" for ads is Bing. Unless you have 200 million+ views a month, you can't sign up to be a publisher for them. That means their ads have less overall reach, and are much less effective.

    As far as a search engine goes, Google is top because more people use it. That's it. It's not their fault that when most people want to find something on the internet they go to Google instead of Bing. Bing's, and in turn Yahoo's, algorithms are so bad, that if you go to bing and search for the term "search" Google is the number 1 result.  It's not Google's fault that Microsoft's search engines suck.


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