1. ECO-logic profile image60
    ECO-logicposted 4 years ago

    Duckduckgo is a search engine like google, but anonymous. I felt temped to make them some advertising since i found one of my hubs there at 7 place smile

    google haven't indexed me yet, so 1-0 for the duck, the crazy part, i search "save money reducing electricity" which are the keywords that appear in all of my 10 hubs, and one hub only appears, not the more old one, not the more commented one, not the most viewed one, but it's there. As a beginner here i feel proud tongue

    Even with this privacy controversy, i think it's very unlikely that a search engine could overthrow google, they are to big, plus gmail, youtube, g+ you name it.

    1. jacharless profile image80
      jacharlessposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Love-th the DDG. Use them often!
      BTW, another engine is vastly larger than the Goo. Presently the largest worldwide engine, with control of two outstanding social networks, stock in FB plus mail services, etc etc etc. They are Yandex. covering nearly all of Europe, South America, much of the Middle East and Asia. The only area they lack is the States and Canada. They do index English based URLS plus a massive amount of great features. One such new feature is "Islands".

      Kind of cool and something to utilize...

  2. Reality Bytes profile image80
    Reality Bytesposted 4 years ago

    DDG is my preferred search engine!