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can u help me install mr tracker?

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    suleima21posted 8 years ago

    can u help me install mr tracker?

    i already bought the program but it didnt ask me for a type of phone or anything it just gave me the option of either open or save i have a blackberry but i want to track my other phone wich is a iphone can u plz help me?

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    fwplayerposted 8 years ago


    I got it working I can try help you.

    Firstly you need to complete the download from the website,I got mine from Mrxsystem.com  once you download the file , use you usb plug or your phone connection cable . Connect them both. You should see a icon pop up at the bottom right saying " USB Detected or phone detected" once that is complete transfer the file to your phone. This can be done on "MY COMPUTER" icon on start up.

    Once that is completed you can activate the program straight away, it registers you IMIE number on the setup , this is automatically done by the software. Once you that process is done thats it.

    From there when you activate the software every message or SMS you receive shall contain coordinates at the bottom of the SMS.

    You can then login as a member at the site  and punch the coordinates in the members area or just use your own google earth.

    I hope this has helped you.

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    Joanna_74posted 8 years ago


    My Laptop has Bluetooth, I was able to transfer the file via Bluetooth.

    Hi  I  got it working on my I-phone a,  I Had problems logging in into the members area but its ok now.


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    IkonAudioreviewposted 8 years ago

    Mr Tracker Live Chat Support is very poorly explained in the website, I figured it out and got my Mr tracker working.

    Guys in your directory where you installed mr tracker there is a live chat icon with customer support. They will get you up and running .

    Step 1:

    Click on My Computer

    Step 2:

    Go to Programs files and locate the mr tracker directory

    Step 3:

    Once you open the directory click on the "Volusion Live Chat Icon"


    Chat about your problem and they will help you.

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    celltrackerposted 5 years ago


    Just login with your username and password, if you cant install it. Your going to have to recieve your activation code by sms. once you activate it just loggin with your mobiles phone browser. unless you prefer to install the app directly to your phone.

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    carrie07posted 5 years ago

    If you want to track your phone, you can try http://www.phonecodearea.com/ .

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    princess smithposted 4 years ago

    Can someone PLEASE HELP me!! I bought this and I think i got it on my computer, but i cannot find the file!!?? I tried to locate it and I am clueless I have tired multiple times contacting the mr x website help, and get no response!!! HELP PLEASE, I have a Galaxy s3.

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    Jasmine Frasierposted 4 years ago

    The http://www.whosthisus.com/ can help you to track down someone's phone number easily.