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What is Seo. Will any one here who knows about this. Pls tell me some review and

  1. sneha2001 profile image50
    sneha2001posted 8 years ago

    What is Seo. Will any one here who knows about this. Pls tell me some review and tects.

    I want to learn about Seo. Pls tell me some tects or online adress where i can learn all the tips an tricks to improve my page rankings.

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    Kyaposted 8 years ago
  3. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  It is used to get more "traffic" (viewers) to your website, blogs, or HUBPAGES.  It is done by choosing keywords about subjects that potential visitors may be looking for, then fixing your pages, and getting links so that Google thinks what YOU say is important.  More important than what others say about it.  If Google really likes your page for a given keyword, then they will show a link to your page at or near the top of the search results that they show to a searcher entering that keyword in Google search.  More info....

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    vincentvictor2009posted 8 years ago

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is technique to get more visitors to your site. Generally you got more online business when you have the more traffic. Go through this link: http://www.dotcominfoway.com/internet-m … timization , you will find more information, I think it will be helpful for you.

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    monikapardasaneyposted 7 years ago
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    mmzh786posted 7 years ago

    SEO means search engine Optimization.
    There are so many free software which will help you to get top in search engines.Just google it and see.