Why is access to my 4GB pen drive which has 3.51 GB left being denied?

  1. aoiffe379 profile image55
    aoiffe379posted 8 years ago

    Why is  access to my 4GB pen drive which has 3.51 GB left being denied?

    I lost my flash drive with my info and photos, bought another one and organized the photos and info. I have been denied access. I changed the port I put it in to a different one on my computer but I am still being denied access. What can I do to gain access?

  2. sTcAt profile image55
    sTcAtposted 8 years ago

    Access may be denied due to several reasons.
    Some flashs have locks on them to prevent erasing and writing. Some operating systems may not permit external devices. Also bios configuration should include USB ports. To identify your problem, please give all details.
    1. Operating system
    2. Can you see the flash disk in My Computer?
    3. If you can see, can you click on it?
    4. Can you see the directories in the flash disk?
    If you can do all these but cannot access the directories, just copy them to your computer and format the flash drive.

  3. sectechbiz profile image55
    sectechbizposted 8 years ago

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